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May Conbini Favourites

Top picks from the convenience store for the month of May (which is already almost over, HOW?)—ready, get set, go.

When you can’t afford fancy macarons, get them cheap from the conbini. Family Mart’s always coming up with new macaron series, so once in a while I get them when I find a craving coming on and I only have that much spare change. These new ones have twice as much cream as usual, so they look bigger and prettier in the box

Here’s Kumamon with his own Pocky, proudly packaged in support of Kumamoto. I don’t know why I like him so much, but if he comes on a snack box I’m buying it. My friends make fun of Kumamon but I think he’s just trying his hardest to be cute. And that’s endearing! Anyway, the Pocky was good

Next up on the weird characters lineup. Gudetama mochiThis was basically mochi with a kind of custard pudding filling inside—a lot better straight out of the fridge, because one time I ate them in the middle of the day and they’d melted inside. But they tasted great when they were nice and cold and firm.

I love it when conbini actually put effort into jazzing up their desserts. Lawson had this lion-shaped roll cake for Children’s Day in Japan, so of course I tried it. The lion’s face was one big mound of custard! That was delicious. Plus I don’t often eat mikan, so it was nice having so many juicy ones all around the cake.

Last one. Kuromitsu and kinako-flavoured sweet potato chips from Calbee, here one minute and gone the next. It’s actually scary how fast these disappear once you open the lid. But I really like these Japanese flavours! I’m always a fan of kuromitsu (black honey syrup? Literally, anyway) so it was really the perfect combination.

And that’s all for May! Life is getting even busier…but then again what’s new. At least there’re always different things to look at in the convenience store.


January Conbini Favorites

It’s been a while since I did a conbini post! Been a while since I posted at all, really. Technically I just skipped a week of posting, but during finals period everything feels like an eternity when you have to study instead.

If I can’t go out to cafes then at least I’ll make sure I eat good stuff from the convenience stores.

Conbini Chicken Steamed Bun

I’m going to start with this since today is actually the first day of Chinese New Year and it’s the year of the rooster! Lawson was selling this chicken steamed bun that looks like a rooster—I love chuukaman even when they don’t come in animal form.

Kanahei Pocky

Remember the last post about the illustrator Kanahei’s exhibition? To continue about her success, here’s a limited edition Kanahei collaboration Pocky that’s everywhere in the supermarkets and conbini. There’re strawberry and chocolate flavours, so of course I bought them bothKanahei

Family Mart Macarons

Ooh. Here’s the fun one. Sometime last year I was amazed when I saw Family Mart selling macarons, and now they’ve even gone on to make it DIY. The macaron shells come neatly packaged in a cup with jam, and then you assemble everything yourself.

Family Mart Macarons

I just wish they had buttercream instead of jam for filling, but I can’t really be picky when this is obviously more of an activity than a dessert anyway.

Conbini Steamed Bun Heart

And there’re some other cute stuff too, like this heart-shaped chocolate steamed bun from Seven ElevenheartThis thing just oozes with so much filling! It’s so comforting to be able to just drop by a convenience store round the corner and get a hot chocolatey heart to go.

Counting down to spring break…sakura

October Conbini Favourites

It’s October 31st! I’m going to squeeze in this one post before the month ends!

Fall season has seen a burgeoning of new flavours on the shelves in the convenience stores and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s not even just the yearly return of sweet potatoes and chestnut either—Japan’s as creative as always with their snacks.

October Conbini Favourites

I drink milk tea all the time but I’ve never eaten them in snack form. Takenoko no Sato (cookies made by Meiji that are covered in chocolate and look like little bamboo shoots) has always had a ton of fun flavours from mango to syrup, so I’m not usually surprised when I see new ones come out. But I was surprised by how much it tasted of milk tea—exactly what I’d imagine the beverage to be if it came in solid form. Meiji delivers!

October Conbini Favourites

There are so many things I’d like to say about this one. Firstly, Doraemon and Hello Kitty look cute togethersmileSecondly, the mug comes with it. You get a whole mug out of buying jelly at the convenience store. That was really the whole reason I bought this—no surprises there—but I was so impressed by what a good deal it was.

October Conbini Favourites

The actual jelly inside wasn’t even bad! It was good, actually. There were lots of juicy mikan chunks inside and it just added on to the satisfaction of getting two good products in one. This is the third time I’m falling for this gimmick and will probably not be the last until my kitchen cupboards run out of space for ‘free’ mugs.

October Conbini Favourites

Hey, real milk teanekoAnd Chip & Dale on the bottle. How do I not buy that?! I’ve always liked Gogo no Koucha, but this new Disney character packaging really seals the deal. It even makes me feel a little happier just by carrying around a cute bottle that costs less than ¥200. Marketing done righthehe rabbit

July Conbini Favourites

I’m here again with another round of snacks from the convenience store!

Japan Conbini

Fuwa fuwa sando (literally fluffy sandwich) from Lawson, with a tiny Kumamon in the corner! Which is pretty much the only reason I bought this. I’m so weak. Maybe they figured out it would double their sales if they took an extra five minutes to photoshop Kumamon into the packaging.

Japan Conbini

But the taste was decent, so that’s okaygoodIt really did live up to its name too. It was so soft I dented it as soon as I touched it.

Japan Conbini

These Melonpan no Boushi (hat of melonpan) Biscuits were way more addictive than I expected them to be, and I didn’t even notice until I’d finished the whole pack. They’re like buttery mini melonpans that crumble nicely and sneakily make you eat them all at once because they’re bite-sized. One of the better snacks I’ve had so far! Also, they really do look like hats. Heehee.

Japan Conbini

There always has to be a Pocky! This time it’s a summer version—salted chocolate Pocky that tastes best right out of the fridgenekoThe little salt crystals actually make such a big difference from the usual Pocky. Or is that just me being manipulated by packaging again?

Japan Conbini

On the back there’s a little chart that shows you the musical tones you can make by biting different parts of the Pocky stick. It amused me for a minute, but then I gave up and ate my Pocky normally because I have no musical prowess and I didn’t think I was likely to discover it in a box of biscuit sticks.

Japan Conbini

Crunky came up with a new strawberry and cereal flavour and it’s ridiculously good because I love  cereal and this was full of it. Also it’s strawberry pink, and you know I like anything cutelove girlIt’s a thin bar too, so it’s easy to keep in your pocket till you want to eat it.

I foresee a lot of snacking this finals monthneko

Strawberry Sweets in Japan

Last week I wrote about the strawberry buffet at the Hilton Tokyo. As if there weren’t already too much of it on my blog, I’m going to carry on with the strawberries. It’s the season where everything strawberry (or as they say in Japanese, ichigo) appears in the shops and cafes—strawberry cakes, strawberry coffee, strawberry curry. I’ve had my own strawberry streak thanks to conbini, because there’ve been so many ichigo products.

Strawberry Japan

I rarely buy sandwiches because I’d rather just make my own, but these were too cute to pass uplove rabbitJapan seems to like fruit and cream in their sandwiches; I can’t really decide if they’re more like a dessert than a proper lunch food. But I’d always wanted to try the strawberry sandwiches anyway, so I got these from Family Mart.

Strawberry Japan

Puchi kuma cookies! I love this series from Bourbon because they literally have over 20 different flavours in all colours of the rainbow and it’s so fun seeing the new ones come out every season. I’m also kind of fond of these cookies because back when I was a part-time shopkeeper at a Japanese snack shop I used my staff discount to buy these all the time (and eat them on the job). The strawberry ones this time are adorable, and there’re even two kinds of themLove

Strawberry Japan

There’s never been a drink in a prettier shade of pink. The only thing is that ichigo Calpis tasted a lot sweeter than the normal Calpis, so you probably have to have an intense sweet tooth to finish it. And it’s low-calorie! Just thought I might add that there because it seems to be one of its selling points (not that I’d really trust this bottle of pink sugary liquid to help in a diet)diet neko

Strawberry Japan

Another popular snack with lots of different flavours. The Caramel Corn series has such great packaging that I sometimes I buy a lot of them even though they mostly taste the same (that’s how I ended up getting three special edition Star Wars Caramel Corn packs for my older brother). But they’re just meant to be lightly flavoured anyway; strawberry milk had a pretty nice sweetness to it and it was just right with a crunch to itgood

Strawberry Japan

Every time I find Tirol Choco in the shops they just get fancier and fancier. Did you know there’s raisin sandwich Tirol Choco?! Back on topic, this strawberry series might be my favourite so fargirl loveThere were three flavours: strawberry mousse, strawberry tarte and strawberry mille feuille. I loved how they were all made distinctly different, from the mochi sandwiched inside the strawberry mochi to the crunchy layers in the mille feuille. So precise.

Strawberry Japan

And then the bakery at the train station was selling these strawberry pie bunsloveEverything else I just wrote about was great but nothing’s quite the same as the smell of bread straight out of the oven, plus fresh strawberries.


I hope you liked reading about Japan’s strawberries and their spawn of sweetsstrawberryMy blog is now full of pink. And soon enough it’ll be cherry blossom season, which means even more pink. I need to get my hands on everything sakura!

Convenience Store in Japan: This Week’s Snacks

Happy Sunday! Now that Christmas and New Year have passed, ’tis the season of finals. But then in just a few weeks it’ll be time for spring break (aka the real deal), so that’s a comforting thought. Anyway, I’m sharing this week’s favourites from the convenience stores! I thought about it because I’ve been buying so many snacks in Japan, even though I never did back home.

(I need to reflect on myself)

Japan Conbini

Pocky midi chocolatekira

Everyone knows PockyhappyPocky isn’t even as much of Japan’s thing anymore, because it’s everywhere else in the world. But this is still the motherland, so that means lots of new quirky flavours are born here as well as commercials of pop stars dancing with Pocky sticks in their hands.

The Pocky midi’s a special version; basically it’s fatter and has more coating than the usual skinny sticks you get. It’s written as ぽってり (chubby) right on the box, which is cutesmileChubby pocky haha.

Japan Conbini

Strawberry shortcake-flavoured potato chipskira

I know this looks weird. But! If you embrace it (like I did) it’s totally yummy and will make you think it’s just common sense to have potato chips in a dessert flavour. I thought it was genius, honestlyhmmIt really did taste like strawberry shortcake, but in an interesting deep-fried form.

You learn something new about the world everydaygood

Japan Conbini

Yuki ichigokira

It’s like a soft and plump daifuku stuffed with strawberry shortcake, and the name in kanji literally translates to snow strawberry daughter. Doesn’t that just charm you? Like “buy me! Love me! Eat me!” So I ate it and it was delicious.

Japan Conbini

And after cutting my snow strawberry daughter in half, this is what it looked like inside—strawberry, cream, and sponge cake all blanketed in mochihappy


That wraps it up! I feel like I can keep making these posts just because Japanese convenience stores are infinitely stocked with fun snacks. So look forward to the next onegirl love

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