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☆ Hokkaido: Biei & Furano


I spent the last day of the Hokkaido trip in Biei and Furano! They were on the way from Asahikawa to New Chitose Airport, so we made a stop at each place.

Biei and Furano are beautiful. Times a thousand percentLoveThey were so many farms and hills, and no tall buildings at all. And it snowed! It was the best drive ever, travelling along the snow-paved roads.


Just look at thatlove

Long before the trip I’d always wanted to visit the flower farms that Furano and Biei were famous for. The best time for visiting however, is during the summer months when all the colourful flowers are in bloom. It was already October so I knew I’d missed the flower season and there wouldn’t be much left, but there was still one farm I wanted to go to anyway.

Shikisai no Oka

Shikisai no Oka in BieiRabbitAnd the reason behind this visit…

Alpaca in Shikisai no Oka

I’ve done it…I’ve met my beloved alpacaalpacaA whole pen of them. They were all shuffling around, eating nonstop. There were even vegetable baskets you could buy for ¥100 to feed them in their pen.

Alpaca Shikisai no Oka

It’s possible that I took the most pictures at this place. Every time the alpacas so much as twitched I snapped away with my phonealpacaIt was hard not to get overexcited when surrounded by a whole bunch of warm fluffy creatures.

Aside from the alpaca enclosure I enjoyed the souvenir shop too, with all its precious alpaca stuffed toyshappyThere were lots of warm snacks too, like baked potatoes and croquettes and melon soft cream.

Baked Potato

The weather had gotten even colder, so the baked potato was comfortingyeyEverything they served was grown on the farm itself. Even with the frosty weather I loved walking around the farm. The flowers were all covered in snow, but that made for pretty scenery just as much.

After Shikisai no Oka, we continued on to Furanokira

It was almost lunch time but we stopped by Furano Marche, a charming little complex of natural Furano products. They had a farmers’ market, a sweets café, a food court and a souvenir shopneko

Furano Marche

7℃! But it had stopped snowing by the time we arrived in Furano.

Menkoi Bear

This is Menkoi BearhappyIt’s a kind of bear-shaped sponge cake made with Furano wheat, and comes in a variety of different fillings like custard, chestnut, red bean, melon cream and several others. I bought a box of six bears and doled them out in the car during the later part of the journey, because they’re small and really handy to munch on.

By the way, ‘menkoi’ means cute in Hokkaido dialect森ガール+顔+女の子_m

After Furano Marche, we finally went for lunch around the corner. Guess what I had?

Curry Rice

I can’t get tired of it. I really can’teat

Out of all the curry rice I ate in Hokkaido, this was my favourite. The curry was the thickest, the rice was the fluffiest, and that’s why I had to have curry rice for about the sixth time. Texture is everything! Those potatoes practically give it a new dimension. Like it’s a work of art. Or something.


It was time to head back to the airport after that. We (well, my dad) drove for about two hours through the mountainside, and we played music in the car and talked. It was like something out of a road trip movie haha.

But that’s what made it so memorable—I never get to go on long drives like that at home. In two hours you can probably cross my entire country. In Hokkaido it was more like from one mountain to anotherhmmIt amazed me to see convenience marts in the middle of nowhere—how do the employees commute?

Milk Donut

Milk donut with simple yet the cutest packagingHappyI ate it on the plane back to Tokyo.


Well it took me a whole month, but…that’s the last of my Hokkaido posts! I’ve been busy with school so I couldn’t blog often, but when I did get down to it I had a lot of fun going through and editing the photos I took. The good thing about using the iPhone is that pictures can’t get any more candid than thatgirl

I actually had another day in Tokyo after I returned from Hokkaido, but I think I want to save the pictures and such for other posts.

thank you


Well then. See you next postwave



☆ Hokkaido: Sapporo → Asahikawa



Day 4—good morning Sapporo! The weather started to get cold that day. It drizzled, then it rained, and then later on we heard it was starting to snow in Asahikawa (where we were going). But it was still going to be a great day!

Sweet Potato

I had a small breakfast of sweet potato and kurumi mochi.

Kurumi Mochi

We wanted to get an early start, so after checking out of the hotel we went straight to the Shiroi Koibito Park! It was on the way to Asahikawa, but I knew that I definitely wanted to visit the factory first. It’s Shiroi Koibito, after all—I couldn’t leave Sapporo without having a taste of the famous cookies at the very place they’re madegirl

Shiroi Koibito Factory

There were a lot of visitors even though it was raining at that time. The park was still beautiful with all the rain, but unfortunately I couldn’t take nice pictures of the gardens because it was a lot of trouble balancing my umbrella and camera and the rest of my stuff. Speaking of the umbrellas, they were borrowed from the parkumbrellaThey had a lot around for visitors to use when walking from one building to another, which I thought was nice of them.

Shiroi Koibito Factory

Got our factory tickets! They came with a Shiroi Koibito cookie for each personheheIn the factory we got to see the production line. It was cool seeing the cookies being rolled out on long conveyor belts and being put together layer by layer. If I were working there I’d be so tempted to just eat the discarded oneshurhur

Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Ice Cream

I tried Shiroi Koibito ice cream at the souvenir shopgirlIt’s like a tastier version of vanilla. Also, soft cream is probably my favourite kind of ice cream so I loved it even more. There were a lot of other sweet souvenirs but I didn’t have time for a proper looknekoAlthough I think most of them (if not all) can be found at the airport anyway.

We set off again at noonneko

My dad had managed to rent a car, so the plan was to drive to Asahikawa. Before we started the two-hour journey we stopped for lunch at a small steak restaurant on the outskirts of Sapporo! I’m not really a meat person, so I had the salad bar meal where I could help myself to any of the a la carte dishes there. Curry and rice were included tooheart

Second Curry Rice

And then off we drove to AsahikawaCar

Hokkaido Drive

I’m so glad we got to drive, because the scenery while on the Hokkaido roads are the best. Blue skies and wide open spaces! There were mountains everywhere too.  The highlight of the day was probably the driveHappy

Compared to the other places I’d been to, Asahikawa was quieter and more residential. It was that time between seasons where many tourist spots weren’t open—the summer activities had just ended and winter hadn’t quite arrived yet. But I still enjoyed the city a lotLoveEspecially the ramen.

The ramen.


This was from Santouka Ramen! The hotel staff said they were number one in town. Since it was just down the street we went down for dinner and tried both miso and shoyu ramenkira

Also, I was kind of full that night because I actually had a mini dinner before the ramen. I stayed in Toyoko Inn, which is a business hotel chain that’s known for its tidy, no-frills quality. They served dinner for free a few times a week (and breakfast every morning). On that day they had curry rice so I had to have a little bitShy

Curry Rice

I realise that I ate curry rice a lot during this trip. I just really like it haha.

It was like eating a school meal—everyone (mostly businessmen in their suits) lined up in front of the counter and the serving lady would scoop out the rice and curry for each person. And then we’d get our own pickles for the curry, and sit down at a table in the lobby to eat. I thought that was cute of the hotel to give its guests meals, especially something as homey as curry rice.

Asahikawa gave me lots of pleasant memories ♪ I didn’t even mind the rain much. That was the day it started getting really cold.

That’s all for that day! It was near the end of our Hokkaido journeyhmmBut I still spent time in Asahikawa, Furano and Biei on the last day, so I’m going to enjoy writing about it.

see you


☆ Hokkaido: Otaru → Sapporo


On to the third day!

I’m updating kind of slowlysweat

Otaru Breakfast

This was breakfast at the hotel! Another big meal with a fancy arrangement; there were so many different things but everything tasted great together. I adore Japanese breakfasts (though the average one probably isn’t this huge haha).

After breakfast we had to check out, but before that we explored the hotel ground because it was too beautiful not to take pictures.

Neuschloss Sea

The sea was right below!


My brother and I went on a photo-taking spree again. The wind was really strong up there!

Once we checked out we headed downtown to explore the streets againhappy nekoThings are bustling in the morning too. We found the sushi street, where it was lined up with sushi restaurants and more sushi restaurants.

Otaru Sushi Street

Giant Sushi

So of course, we had sushi for lunch.

Sushi Board

Tamago Sushi


Just look at that freshness.

The restaurant we went to was a small joint with only two tables and a counter, so we sat near the kitchen with the chef chopping up the seafood in front of usyeyHe was really friendly, talking and showing us the fish that he was preparing. This kind of restaurant is just what vacations are about, I think, because I adored the cosy local setting.

By the time lunch was over, it was about time to leave OtarucryBut not without getting the souvenirs that I’d wanted since a long time!

Maron Coron

Marron CoronloveIt’s a thick cookie with three layers, and coated in the sides with chocolate cream. If LeTAO had the nicest cheesecake I’d ever eaten, this is also easily the best cookies I’ve had. I’d wanted to eat them for a long time, so I bought four different flavours of cookies—strawberry, almond, walnut and cocoa.

Once I’d gotten that, it was off to Sapporosheep

Otaru Sea

I was eating Marron Coron in the train while looking out at the sea and it felt like being in a Ghibli movie or something haha.

We arrived in Sapporo an hour and a half later! There was still time before dinner so we explored the neighbourhood our hotel was in and ended up walking the entire Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. It’s a ten block long street lined with lots of different shops, so it was fun to look at the variety of food and souvenirspanda

For dinner we went to a place in Tanuki koji where you could grill your own meat. We met more friendly waiters there! When one of them twigged that we were foreigners, she started chatting with us a lot throughout the meal.

The most interesting food there was the potato mochi. I’d never seen or heard of it before, but it sounded yummy so I tried it. And it was even better than I’d expectedlove

Potato Mochi

Look at that. It’s squishyyy.

When I look back at my trip I think this was one of my favouritesheartBecause I love potato and mochi and when both of them are cooked together in one spongy patty it’s a clear winner for me.

It was getting pretty late so we headed back to the hotel. My dad and my brother went out again for a night jaunt, but my mom and I stayed behind and wrapped up the day with the TV. That is, we watched Chinen’s new dramahappy

Chinen Yuri

And that’s all for that day!

The next day we headed to Asahikawa, so please come back to read about itneko



☆ Hokkaido: Jozankei → Otaru

good morning

The next day we went to Otaru, but spent the morning in Jozankei.

We started the day with breakfast! It was buffet-style again, and we went early to enjoy what they were serving fresh. It was mostly Japanese dishes, plus free flow of rice and breadkira kiraAnd of course the tastiest milk ever from Hokkaido cows.

Jozankei Breakfast

That’s what I ate: corn soup, scallop roe, potato salad, tamagoyaki (my favourite!), croquettes, salmon and a bun. It sounds like a long list but I really only took a little bit of eachnekoUsually I just have juice for breakfast so it was a little weird to be eating so much.

But the food was so goodkuishinbo

After breakfast we headed to the Jozankei Futami Park.

Jozankei Futami Park

All pretty trees and tweeting birdshappyThere were only a few people so it felt nice and peaceful taking a walk. Except I was lugging around my big camera, but it was still fun.

We walked until the Futami suspension bridge; it’s popular for its views of the mountain valley.

Futami Bridge

Jozankei View

My brother and I took a lot of pictures here…


It’s a good thing when both siblings are into photography. At movie-esque locations like this we become each other’s personal photographer haha.

We spent a while at the park, and then hurried back to the hotel to check out.

Next on the itinerary: Otaru!

Otaru’s a small port city right at the coast, famous for its canal attraction and fresh seafood. I thought it was a really quaint and adorable place full of characteryeyA bit of a vintage feel, maybe?

My family decided to rent bicycles to get around the main town! I’ve never cycled on a vacation before so I enjoyed exploring on wheels a lot. There were beautiful views of the sea everywhere!


Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal! It was one of the most crowded tourist spots.

For lunch we had seafood, of courseneko


Seafood rice bowl! My mom likes ikura (salmon roe) a lot, but over here it’s expensive. When I was in Hokkaido—especially Otaru—we saw it everywhere. Not just in different restaurants, but even in the bowl itself there’s so much ikura it’s almost overflowing.

Grilled Scallops

A lot of places had grilled seafood too, like these scallopslove

And then at my request we all went on a hunt for a shop I’d wanted to go to for a long time—LeTAO. It’s one of the most famous confectionary brands in Hokkaido. Its flagship store is in Otaru so I knew I wanted to try their famous cakes. The one that everyone recommended me is their number one bestseller, the Double Fromage Cheesecake! LeTAO’s so popular that there are three branches on the same street.

Oh, but we got lost trying to find the storerabbit

We did get there eventually, and managed to get my precious cake.

Double Fromage

I know it doesn’t look like much but. The double fromage cheesecake is LeTAO’s signature dessert. It has two layers of cheese—baked cream cheesecake on the inside and fluffy no-bake cheesecake on the outside. The result is one of the nicest cheesecakes I’ve ever hadhappy(It’s a good thing my family liked it too, because we cycled over an hour just for it)

Otaru Sushi

Sushi and sashimi for dinnerlove

There was a variety show playing on the restaurant’s TV so everyone was watching and laughing while eating/serving food…it was quite funny LOL.

And that’s all for that day! I think food was a big part of it haha, I tried out a lot of different things. I’d recommend the manjuu (something like a small bun or mochi) in Jozankei, and lots of seafood in Otaru.

See you in the next postgirl


☆ Hokkaido: Chitose → Jozankei


I’m back to write about my trip. This time it’ll be all about Hokkaido! It was different from previous trips in that I didn’t stay in one place the whole time; my family moved from one city to another everyday. It took a lot of energy, but we got to explore more of Hokkaido.


Travelling from Tokyo to Hokkaido was the only bad thing about this whole trip. It was quite plainly the worst plane ride I’d ever experiencedcryTurbulence is one thing—when the plane has sudden drops several times during a journey, it’s petrifying. And worse when half the passengers go ‘ahhh!?’ at the same time. I sat like a stone for the entire hour and a half (and to think I’d even been the mood for cake when I at the start).

My brother did help me feel less uneasy though; he told me to look out the window and watch the view outside. Domestic flights don’t fly at such a high altitude so it felt reassuring to be able to see city lightshmm

Hokkaido Lights

But anyway…thank God we landed in Hokkaido and could start enjoying our trip on safe ground after that. The six days started from there!


We’d arrived in New Chitose Airport, but since all the hotels were full we stayed in the neighbouring city Tomakomai! It’s not exactly a tourist spot so it was a fairly quiet place, but still nice. I walked around for a bit and talked to a few locals while looking for places to eat at! Enjoying the peace of more residential areas is good too, plus getting to interact with people is funwave

Slice of Apple Cake

Omelette rice for a late dinnerhappyWe slept quickly that night haha.

The next day we headed to Jozankei! Since Tomakomai is a fair distance away we got up early to catch the train to Sapporo, and then a bus to the town.

Mame Daifuku

Mame daifuku (mochi with azuki beans) for breakfastheartI love their chewy texture, especially with the beans. Plus every conbini sells them for cheap, so they’re a really thrifty and affordable snack.


We also had a small cake on the train since it was a long journey.


We arrived in Jozankei after lunchtime! Jozankei is an onsen resort town located in the south of Sapporo. It’s famous for its hot springs, so a lot of locals like to come for a short getaway at one of the many ryokan hotels. There’s a lot of nature because it’s basically a town in the mountains. Which makes it a great place to see the trees changing to fall colours!


Beautiful trees everywheretrees

The hotel I stayed at was Shika no Yu, a ryokan hotel with a pleasantly traditional interior. It had hot springs and a neat shop that sold a lot of snacks and souvenirs unique to Jozankei. My favourite part was definitely the Japanese style room my family stayed in!

Shika no Yu

Our room was all soft and thick after the futons were set upsmile

Dinner that evening was buffet-style at this really big banquet hall. I remember being a little awestruck because of all the tables and how all of them had already been assigned to each family with a special appetisershockThe interesting thing was that there seemed to be different ‘social classes’—the section my table was in had fish, and when I walked around later I saw other tables that had crab, and another section with lobster haha.


The buffet setup was amazinglove


Even the tables have little trees on them.


My main tray looked like this.


And shiratami azuki for desserthehe


It was a filling dinner! It was even better because of how laid-back and charming the whole atmosphere was—a lot of people were in their yukata just before or after going to the baths. My family and I went after dinnerokay

No pictures for that one, needless to say.

But I had a great time soaking in the onsenheheThe minerals in the spring water must be really good because I think my skin became smoother after that lol.

That was a relaxing end to the day! The futons were so fluffy and inviting that we all fell asleep pretty fast.

Staying in a ryokan was one of the more special experiences I had. It was my first time being in a proper Japanese-style room (hotel, rather) so I was amazed by everything I saw because it was all so traditional and well, Japanese. It’d be nice if I could go back again one day! I’ll write more about the second day in the next post ♪



Tokyo ✿

good evening


I just got back from Japan a while ago! That was the windup of vacation. Today was actually the first day of school, but I’d rather talk about my trip lol.

My family and I travelled together for the first time in a long whileyeyWe’ve been to Tokyo before (and my dad is there a lot for work), and this time we headed to Hokkaido for the first time. It was a good change from the usual city scene, thanks to all the nature everywhere.

How very blessed I am森ガール+顔+女の子_mheart

It was mainly a Hokkaido trip, but we did have an extra day in Tokyo before and after because of the flight schedule. And so I’ll blog about Tokyo firstsmileI ended up taking over 500 pictures so I think I should chop up the report into separate days.


Slice of Apple Cake

We got on a plane early in the morning! I love daytime flights because you get to see different views of the sky from the window (at night there is nothing). There was lunch too, and it was surprisingly big.

Lunch in the Sky

And then we landedhappy nekoJapan was as wonderful as always. I get fascinated by things as simple as conbini bread and random signs.



“We need love, we need water! Human body 60% water!”

“Where there is a will, there is a drink.”


Fluffy waffle bun. Yum.

Yaki Purin

And of course I can’t go without my favourite yaki purinsmileThere’s a great variety of puddings in the convenience stores but I still like this one best in the end. I wish I could bring some back from Japan but the last time I tried it explodedrabbit


When I was in Tokyo I finally met up with Reimi ♡ It’s been over six months since I saw her! We went to Harajuku and Shinjuku, and shopped aroundloveOur lunch was crepes at Takeshita-dori, of course. Haha.



It was crowded as usual! As expected of Harajuku. Shopping was fun too, because clothes in Harajuku are generally more affordable. There was a tiny shopping mall called Cute Cube that had just opened recently, so I took a look too.

At Harajuku purikura is standard tooneko


Lots of love, yayheheWe took them at three machines.

Time was tight so the outing was short, but since it’s so rare to see each other I was happy the both of us got to go out in Tokyo for a while at least! It was a really great prelude to the Hokkaido trip.


On the same day my family went back to the airport in the evening. And Hokkaido began from there! I’ll save all the stories for the blog posts to come.

Till then, I’ll do my best in school at the same timewaving


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