Gudetama Cafe Singapore

I’m not sure why I still haven’t been to any of the Gudetama pop-up cafes in Japan. Maybe because I don’t have six hours to wait in line for a table.

When I came back during summer vacation I went to the Gudetama cafe (twice even), and they let us in almost immediately. Normally I’d question a cafe like this that doesn’t have a long queue, but I think the hype’s just gone down since it started. Good for me

They actually did it really nicely! Egg-shaped booths, giant waffles on the ceiling, and lots of Gudetama lying around. Even my chair was a giant egg, so I thought I got my worth as far as decor was concerned.

The food was pretty spot on too. The lobster bisque came ensconced in its own little hot tub, and it might possibly be the cosiest bread bowl I’d ever seen.

This is the “I’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, so you’ve got two Gudetamas hugging it out on a piece of brioche toast. That hollandaise sauce was so thick it took forever to scrape it all up.

This was the main dish I got! I almost got the burger because it looked the cutest on the menu, but it looked a right beast so in the interest of health I got a grilled chicken salad instead. Some might say I’m growing up.

Until dessert when I insisted on getting the pudding. A big pudding, apple crumble, caramelised bananas and a whole bed of ice cream below. We ate it all and couldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day.

They also had some fancy drinks; I tried the Hula Hula which was basically mango and rose tea with some berries to crown it all.

For a character cafe the food wasn’t bad at allAnd the portions weren’t tiny, which was important considering how pricey it all was. Plus since we’re in Singapore I thought it was cute that they stuck on little Singlish phrases all over the food. Just reminded me how lazy we Singaporeans sound in our everyday vernacular

They had cakes for takeaway too, like this little tart that looks like a frying pan. Pretty ingenious of them—I appreciate a character cafe that commits with creativity.

I may not have had the chops to queue for the Gudetama cafe in Japan, but it’s good enough that I got to try the one in Singapore! Extremely convenient considering it’s right here in my home country with no crowd whatsoever. Gudetama’s the epitome of lazy and so am I, but I got a good meal out of it

And what d’you know, summer is already ending…


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