A Day at Kanahei’s Town

Hello! I went to the exhibition of one of my favourite Japanese illustrators Kanahei. But since exhibition is not cute enough a word, they called it Kanahei’s Laid-back Town (カナヘイのゆるっとタウン) instead.


This was the part I got the most excited over—cute foodkanaheiThey had a little cafe set up next to the main hall serving a menu inspired by Kanahei’s characters. Basically everything from the burgers to the drinks came as Usagi (the rabbit) and Pisuke (the bird) and it couldn’t have been more adorable.


Of course the exhibition itself was full of Kanahei goodness. I’d always collected her drawings and stickers in digital form, so it was funny suddenly seeing everything blown up.


And since it was after all a laid-back town, there were lots of benches and resting spots to sit down on and enjoy the scenery.


Even Usagi and Pisuke are relaxing in their room, and they’re the main stairs of the exhibition.


These illustrators never fail to impress me. The whole design of the place was so whimsical but well thought out for everyone to enjoy it. And by everyone, I really mean anyone of all ages. I didn’t see any kids! Ok, maybe a handful. But the majority of visitors that day were all people my age or older, and everyone wanted to take pictures with the mascots and buy Kanahei dolls on their way out. I suppose grown ups do have the advantage of spending power.

Kanahei Usagi Pisuke Burger

I didn’t really buy merchandise, but I spent more on food at the cafeKanaheiWe got this Pisuke and Usagi burger plate and I was tickled by how pink the buns were. It was such a huge serving of burgers and fries we shared it between two people.

Kanahei Pisuke

Pisuke red bean steamed bunPisukeI was worried the bun would get cold (because obviously I was taking years to take pictures of everything on the table) but the basket it came in kept it soft and steaming. No wonder Pisuke’s face is so red.


And we got smoothies at the end! With the two of them waving us off from their cups.

It’s too bad this was only opened for a limited time, but considering how popular Kanahei’s illustrations are I expect it won’t be long before her next big event!


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