Tokyo in Red: Fall 2016

(Why does that title sound like I’m trying to name a fashion collection?)

Tokyo Autumn

It’s December and I need to get my life and blogging schedule back in order. Autumn has breezed by and the leaves are already starting to fall off the trees. But not before I got to take pictures of the momijicamera emoji bearIt’s basically the fall version of the cherry blossoms in spring. Except instead of hanami and lots of pink flowers, people go kouyou viewing instead.

Tokyo Autumn

And there’re lots of momiji-shaped manju like this one! Spongy, red bean-filled, and a perfect prop for all your pictures of autumn leaves. A pack of three was barely a ¥100 at the supermarket toosmileBecause unlike back in spring there is virtually no time for a picnic now, so cheap snacks it is.

Tokyo Autumn

I got to see kouyou twice this year! I realised that last year I never really did go at all. I just saw the yellow leaves that were already on my university campus and I was satisfied with that. But this year it was like, no, they have to be red.

This picture was taken at Koishikawa Korakuen near the Tokyo Dome! I’d been wanting to go because I saw these photos of a old red bridge, but when I went there we circled the entire park and just could not find it. We did eventually find it…after the sun had already sethurhur

Tokyo Autumn

Rikugien had a special light-up event going on, so I saw the leaves at night for the first time and it was spectacular. A poet would write about this inspiring sight. Now I can’t decide if I like the leaves better in the daytime or night.

Tokyo Autumn

Either way, it’s beautifulloveI’ve never been so excited about nature before coming to Japan, but that’s because the leaves in Singapore are too green all year round. I didn’t know I could spend this much time standing in front of a tree taking pictures of its leaves.

Tokyo Autumn

But it’s not just the scenery either—sometimes they have food stalls and traditional crafts just to make things a little more festive. At Rikugien there was a mochi stall where they were grilling them on sticks over a straw pit, so we got some to share!

Tokyo Autumn

Soy-sauce flavourkiraIt was soft and salty and sweet and basically the best mochi I’ve had in a while. I mean, how often do I get fresh hot mochi straight off the grill? Practically never. What a good reason to go to the park (besides the autumn leaves).

Tokyo Autumn

Till next year, momijimomiji


4 Responses to “Tokyo in Red: Fall 2016”

  1. 1 All the ame December 5, 2016 at 4:59 PM

    What beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing! That mochi looks super yummy too ^_^

  2. 2 fluffybunnydesu December 6, 2016 at 6:41 AM

    Hi Cheryl, it’s lovely to have news from you; glad to know all’s well.

    I hope you are coping at School; I imagine things must be quite hectic at the moment!

    You are so bright and beautiful in every sense and I know you’ll continue to do well.

    Appreciating Nature with Photography whilst enjoying delicious treats it would seem perhaps you’ve found your calling!!

    Also a great way to help promote Well Being.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful update and the pretty photos of Japan in Season.

    I’m always thinking of you and feel happy to know you are looking after yourself!

    Please hang in there just a bit longer; almost Christmas and Santa has you on his list for sure^^

    Take care.

  3. 3 Lyne December 18, 2016 at 12:34 AM

    Your pictures are really nice ! Love them 😀

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