October Conbini Favourites

It’s October 31st! I’m going to squeeze in this one post before the month ends!

Fall season has seen a burgeoning of new flavours on the shelves in the convenience stores and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s not even just the yearly return of sweet potatoes and chestnut either—Japan’s as creative as always with their snacks.

October Conbini Favourites

I drink milk tea all the time but I’ve never eaten them in snack form. Takenoko no Sato (cookies made by Meiji that are covered in chocolate and look like little bamboo shoots) has always had a ton of fun flavours from mango to syrup, so I’m not usually surprised when I see new ones come out. But I was surprised by how much it tasted of milk tea—exactly what I’d imagine the beverage to be if it came in solid form. Meiji delivers!

October Conbini Favourites

There are so many things I’d like to say about this one. Firstly, Doraemon and Hello Kitty look cute togethersmileSecondly, the mug comes with it. You get a whole mug out of buying jelly at the convenience store. That was really the whole reason I bought this—no surprises there—but I was so impressed by what a good deal it was.

October Conbini Favourites

The actual jelly inside wasn’t even bad! It was good, actually. There were lots of juicy mikan chunks inside and it just added on to the satisfaction of getting two good products in one. This is the third time I’m falling for this gimmick and will probably not be the last until my kitchen cupboards run out of space for ‘free’ mugs.

October Conbini Favourites

Hey, real milk teanekoAnd Chip & Dale on the bottle. How do I not buy that?! I’ve always liked Gogo no Koucha, but this new Disney character packaging really seals the deal. It even makes me feel a little happier just by carrying around a cute bottle that costs less than ¥200. Marketing done righthehe rabbit

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