Cute Packaging in Japan

I talk about how much I like packaging in Japan in every other blog post, so this time I put a bunch of my favourites together in one. There’s always a reason to buy something even if you don’t really need it just because it’s cute.

Packaging in Japan

Last year I tried the first of the Pocky-Gogo no Kocha collaboration series; it took me forever to find the prince to my princess but eventually I did and got a nice picture out of it. This year they also released a new version pairing lemon-flavoured pocky and Teagurt (tea yogurt, apparently), and that’s how I ended up buying them all over again. Always falling for Japan’s marketing. Every! Single! Time!

Packaging in Japan

This box of apples was too pretty to pass up—they were little apple-shaped cakes stuffed into a cardboard box and tied up to look like a real packing box of fruits. They’re a Nagano specialty that I got when I went to Karuizawa and they have other fruits in the series too.

Packaging in Japan

If I didn’t know better I’d never doubt they were actual fruitsdiet neko

Packaging in Japan

The Moomin shop released a pudding series in little bottles with different illustrations on each one. I love getting sweets when I can save the containers they came in and use them again elsewhere—there’s a whole assortment of jars collected from the puddings and cakes I bought in my kitchen.

Packaging in Japan

During the season of Tanabata (Star Festival) I found these Little Twin Stars cheese crackers in my supermarket and got it since they only cost a little over ¥200. I don’t even eat cheese crackers that oftenneko

Packaging in Japan

But they’re individually packed in purple Little Twin Stars wrappers and good for sharing, so in it went into my basket (practically sailed into it).

Packaging in Japan

I think we know by this point that basically adding any character to the wrapper will make it cute. Here’s Pompompurin on a custard crepe during its 20th anniversary celebrationpompompurin

Next to taiyaki and cherry blossoms and the four seasons, packaging is right up there in my list of Japan’s best things.

1 Response to “Cute Packaging in Japan”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu August 31, 2016 at 6:56 PM

    Such charming foods in the company of teddy bears would surely make for a perfect Summer’s day picnic!

    I like your determination; any ‘pairs and series’ plus Japanese cuteness and marketing, all temptingly packaged, is surely justification enough.

    As well, every Princess deserves Her Prince; I’m glad you finally found yours!

    Moomin jars; what an absolute must for handy homeware〜great recycling ideas!

    Your fun cute & cheerful kitchen is most definitely revealing the qualities of your personality.

    In my last comment I mentioned *chocolate* sauce〜possibly wishful thinking on my part.

    Maybe because your appetising posts always cause me to feel delirious with self indulgence〜Haha sorry!!

    Can’t wait to read more exciting updates soon; thanks for now.

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