Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

I finally visited an Alice in Wonderland restaurant! They have a bunch around Tokyo and they all have their own unique theme, but I went to the one in Ikebukuro first (Alice in an Old Castle).

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

We walked down to the basement and stepped into a storybook.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

The waitress was walking around dressed like Alice in her blue dress. She was so in character too, talking to us about making friends with the Mad Hatter and shrinking and one spell or another over the menu.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

We had a nice table all to ourselves and sat in these small alcoves with big fancy curtains for some extra privacy.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

The restaurant had a cover charge, but it came with a starter of bread and pâté. Cheshire Cat-shaped pâté! You know you’re somewhere good when your starter already looks this good.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

The drinks all looked good and they had such elaborate names it was hard to choose (“The White Rabbit who Forgot about Time or Talking Flowers’ Milky Symphony? Wait what’s even in those”) so we took forever to order. I think I eventually got The White Rabbit who Forgot about Time.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

And then I had the white rabbit again for my main course, but as bacon and salmon cream spaghetti. This was actually good! Usually I don’t have high expectations for food in themed restaurants, but I guess you can’t go wrong with pasta.

Alice in Wonderland Cafe Tokyo

The Cheshire Cat was our dessertCheshire CatA very decorated berry parfait complete with a sugar heart and a crunchy biscuit tail at the back. There were a bunch of other desserts on the menu too, but we just had the cutest one.

But everything in that restaurant was cute, so we really enjoyed the whole dinner a lot. It’s not crazy expensive even though they put so much work into the details (but of course), so I think I could definitely try a few more Alice restaurants in other parts of Tokyokirakira


4 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Restaurant”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu August 24, 2016 at 3:06 PM

    Your positive Lifestyle is one of ‘My Favourite Things’〜you know.

    I take as much pleasure reading these Adventures as you enjoy blogging them!

    I feel happy knowing you are using this Summer vacation time wisely, by having lots of fun and making every moment count!!

    In anticipation of updates; look after yourself Cheryl.

    PS: The chocolate garnish pattern on that top plate photo actually looks like the Cheshire cat’s grin; sugoi ne!!

  2. 2 francis and anna September 24, 2016 at 5:21 PM

    i did’nt even think there is actually one alice in wonderland restaurant! awesome, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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