Hawaiian Pancake Factory

Long time no blog! Exams are over, vacation has started, and I just went on my first trip of the summer all within a week. And I’m getting ready to go back to Singapore tomorrow. Basically it’s all a bit of a rush. A mad rush!

Hawaiian Pancake Factory

But first, here are some pancakes I had at the Hawaiian Pancake Factory a while ago haha. Japan seems to really like everything from Hawaii, and especially now that it’s summer everyone’s in the mood for beaches and pancakes and acai bowls.

Hawaiian Pancake Factory

Even their window display is all about that Hawaii resort mood! They have a lot of tropical flavours and fruit juices, which generally sounds pretty good to me in this hot weather.

Hawaiian Pancake Factory

I had pancakes with yummy mangos and coconut shavingsgirl loveThere was no better combination. Plus they had coconut sauce on the side, so I poured those on too and had a total coconut fest on my plate. But the best part was the mangos, which came in big frozen chunks.

Hawaiian Pancake Factory

My friend had the pineapple one! I’d never seen pineapples with pancakes before, so that was fun to try. We both had very yellow/orange plates and it was all nice and summerykirakira

Hawaiian Pancake Factory is at the Mylord department store right at Shinjuku station, by the way!


Excuse me for the short blog post todaycryLess than 10 hours till I need to be at the airport, and I’m still not done packing and sorting out thing. But tomorrow at this time I’m going to be in my own bed back home!

4 Responses to “Hawaiian Pancake Factory”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu August 8, 2016 at 6:10 AM

    All this food looks so cute, colourful and delicious!!

    Hope you have a safe travel and fun Summer Holiday.

    Look forward to more exciting updates soon.

    Take care!!

  2. 3 Kira August 8, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    I’m going to Japan in 18 days to start a year of study abroad and binge-reading your posts are making me even more excited! I’m adding a bunch of places you visited to my to do list. thank you so much for sharing your adventures! ❤️

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