July Conbini Favourites

I’m here again with another round of snacks from the convenience store!

Japan Conbini

Fuwa fuwa sando (literally fluffy sandwich) from Lawson, with a tiny Kumamon in the corner! Which is pretty much the only reason I bought this. I’m so weak. Maybe they figured out it would double their sales if they took an extra five minutes to photoshop Kumamon into the packaging.

Japan Conbini

But the taste was decent, so that’s okaygoodIt really did live up to its name too. It was so soft I dented it as soon as I touched it.

Japan Conbini

These Melonpan no Boushi (hat of melonpan) Biscuits were way more addictive than I expected them to be, and I didn’t even notice until I’d finished the whole pack. They’re like buttery mini melonpans that crumble nicely and sneakily make you eat them all at once because they’re bite-sized. One of the better snacks I’ve had so far! Also, they really do look like hats. Heehee.

Japan Conbini

There always has to be a Pocky! This time it’s a summer version—salted chocolate Pocky that tastes best right out of the fridgenekoThe little salt crystals actually make such a big difference from the usual Pocky. Or is that just me being manipulated by packaging again?

Japan Conbini

On the back there’s a little chart that shows you the musical tones you can make by biting different parts of the Pocky stick. It amused me for a minute, but then I gave up and ate my Pocky normally because I have no musical prowess and I didn’t think I was likely to discover it in a box of biscuit sticks.

Japan Conbini

Crunky came up with a new strawberry and cereal flavour and it’s ridiculously good because I love  cereal and this was full of it. Also it’s strawberry pink, and you know I like anything cutelove girlIt’s a thin bar too, so it’s easy to keep in your pocket till you want to eat it.

I foresee a lot of snacking this finals monthneko


2 Responses to “July Conbini Favourites”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu July 13, 2016 at 1:02 AM

    What great finds!

    They all look so deliciously cute too.

    Salted chocolate I imagine subtly counters the richness of taste.

    Thanks for the update!!!

  2. 2 nanakachuu July 14, 2016 at 12:21 PM

    melon pan loookss soo tastyyyy

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