Pancake Days in Harajuku

Pancake Days Harajuku

It’s another pancake place in Harajuku! I’ve been to Pancake Days twice, and it’s one of the more relaxed places in the area because if you go to the more popular places like Eggs n’ Things or Rainbow Pancakes you could end up queueing several hours just for a plate of pancakes. I mean, I still will do that. Just when I have more time.

Pancake Days Harajuku

It takes forever to even get into the other pancake places, but both times I’ve been here it was virtually empty; it was just us and the staff chilling in the kitchen.

Pancake Days Harajuku

But this is one of my favourite places just because the pancakes are always smiling. Wouldn’t you feel happy if your food looked happy too? They’re so generous with the smilessmile

Anyway, get this matcha pancake stack if you’re looking for something special. It’s not just matcha cream, but there’s also kuromitsu syrup and crunchy kinako (and a black bean or two) scattered around. So Japaneseneko

Pancake Days Harajuku

Caramélisées banana chocolate pancake (the name is as much a mouthful as the dish), complete with a tower of chocolate whipped cream that’s even taller than the pancake stack itself.

Pancake Days Harajuku

They really seem to like their cream as thick as it can get. I had yogurt cream pancakes surrounded by a ring of berry jam.

Pancake Days Harajuku

Eggs benedict for when you’re tired of sweetsgirl tongueMy friend got this just because we’d already had a whole tower of pancakes. (In my menu savoury food aren’t the mains…they’re the side dishes to the dessert)

Pancake Days Harajuku

Hazelnut milk in hot and cold! Why don’t restaurants serve hazelnut milk more often? They’re amazing and taste like nutella.

Pancake Days Harajuku

When we got the bill our check came back with a mini message! All it takes is one doodle and I’ll gladly give them all my money. It’s such a small gesture but it’s what makes me wants to come back to this place. For pancakes in Harajuku, don’t miss out this one!


2 Responses to “Pancake Days in Harajuku”

  1. 1 WanderingSoul June 27, 2016 at 10:07 PM

    The pancakes look really friendly and delicious as well. That’s pretty cool how they draw stuff and write thank-you notes on the checks. Thanks for sharing!

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