Cute Cakes in Omotesando

Just when you think there can’t be more cafes serving cute desserts than there already are, another appears around the corner.

Glaciel Omotesando

I had this ladybird cake at GlacielladybirdIt’s a cafe hidden away in a quiet lane in Omotesando near the main street, and it has fancy gelato and pastries like these ladybirds. The red one has vanilla ice cream and strawberry sherbet on an almond cake covered with shiny berry jelly.

Glaciel Omotesando

The yellow ladybird is pretty much the same, but a cream cheese version. Both of them came with a little financier and shortbread with sherbet on the sidesmileWhich I appreciated a lot, because initially I’d expected just a single cake on the plate. Don’t you love sides?!

Glaciel Omotesando

And this is what the cake looked like inside! Basically a mini ice cream cake with a chocolate face.

Glaciel Omotesando

There was also a hedgehog cake, appropriately chocolatey and with sherbet inside too. This was my favourite onelove girlNow that summer’s coming and it’s getting warmer I’m really getting in the mood for anything ice cream.

Glaciel Omotesando

They had other cakes too, like these caramel and mango tarts. Their menu lets you have a set of two or three cakes and they’re all small enough to let you try a bunch and not get full (I mean, just look at how many cakes have already appeared in this post)girl

Glaciel Omotesando

And this one takes the cake (pun intended; I’ll see myself out). It’s so bright and decorative it’d make an excellent birthday cake if it weren’t for the fact that a candle would probably melt all that colourful sherbet right off the top. I wanted to to eat this but they didn’t have it when I wentcry

Glaciel Omotesando

And a lego cake too! They’re so cute.

Glaciel Omotesando

This was a good place for teatimenekoThe cake sets are reasonable enough and the place doesn’t usually seem to be crowded at all. I’ve already been there twice, and I feel like I’d go again just because I want to eat that intense rainbow cake I missed out on. Next time!

Glaciel Omotesando


2 Responses to “Cute Cakes in Omotesando”

  1. 1 Nano @ #TravelWithNanoB June 9, 2016 at 5:16 PM

    I walked past this place a while ago and was intrigued by their cakes, now I definitely have to go back, kawaii!!! 🙂

  2. 2 Nano @ #TravelWithNanoB June 9, 2016 at 5:19 PM

    Also, your photos are absolutely stunning! Do you mind sharing which canera and lens you use? I’m looking into upgrading my lens at the moment and ask all my favorite bloggers to make the right choice haha. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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