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 It’s a Wednesday night and I’m sitting at my table late at night studying for a test. Or at least I was, until I stopped to come to this blog for a minute. It’s becoming busy againnekoThis semester I ended up taking on more extracurriculars because I was a little too free last year. Now I’m too busy haha.

Fujiko F Museum

A while ago a good friend from Singapore came to visit Japan and stay with me! We’ve known each other for years and had no problem squeezing together for a weekhehe rabbitOn her last day we hopped over to the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki.

They added new items to the cafe menu!

Doraemon Fujiko F Fujio Museum

You know the story of Doraemon’s about how he used to be a yellow cat with ears until one day a mouse bit them off and he turned blue from the depression? This is me doing a live re-enactment of that and eating his ear (sponge cake with a chocolate face we refused to destroy).

Doraemon Fujiko F Fujio Museum

We had the Memory Bread too—this was always a favourite of mine among Doraemon’s gadgets because it’s just so useful to copy your homework onto a piece of toast and eat it to memorise it allkirakira(Not that it worked for me. I’m still sitting here trying to study.)

After my friend went home I haven’t had the chance to go anywhere muchsigh


But I’m still surviving! On rice balls and lunchtime with friends.


Yesterday it was sunny out—too sunny, we had to bring out the shades—so we brought our food outside and had lunch in the garden. It would’ve been a lot more glamorous without the ants coming to eat the food (and us, for that matter) and the random shirtless boys suntanning themselves around the corner, but it was fun just sitting on the grass with friends and taking our time in the sunheart


1 Response to “Weekly Slice”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu May 25, 2016 at 11:21 PM

    Thanks for the update!!

    It’s good to have news from you as well encouraging to know you are making quality time with friends.

    My thoughts are with you for your studies, please hang in there!!

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