Visiting Moomin in Saitama

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

A weekend or two ago we went somewhere special! It’s a park in Saitama called Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen that’s modelled after the Moomin Valley (where Moomin and all his friends live)kirakiraWe went early in the daytime to beat the crowd, but there is no one faster than a family with kids on Golden Week—they were all ready with their picnic mats before we even got there and we had to find a patch of grass to sit on.

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

The houses are all bendy like the ones in Moomin Valley! It was cute seeing them sprout up in the middle of the greenery. You could take off your shoes and go inside too, if you didn’t mind dodging all the little kids having a merry time inside.

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

We had a picnic of bread from the Moomin Bakery where I dropped by at Tokyo Dome on the way to Saitama. Since we travelled so far we thought we’d make the most of the occasionsmileMoomin park. Moomin bread. Moomin everything.

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

There was also a cafe called Hot Pot, which was this little house buried in shrubbery on the outskirts of the park. It looked really lived in, with sofas and plants and vintage ornaments everywhere. Basically, one of those sweet cafes that look like a grandmother’s countryside homegirl love

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

Ended the day with chilled cheesecake and fruitskira

Moomin Akebono Kodomo no Mori Kouen

If you have a spare day to chill, make a visit to Akebono Kodomo no Mori KouennekoIt’s about 40 minutes direct from Ikebukuro and not too long a walk from the station, so bring a picnic along and enjoy some nature.

There’s a video here too if you want to see more!


1 Response to “Visiting Moomin in Saitama”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu May 25, 2016 at 11:25 PM

    Food and snack look very delicious.

    Both cute!!

    Glad you had a fun day!!

    Thank you always for the Blog updates!!

    Please continue to do your best in School!!

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