One Night in Osaka

Golden Week is over! Now it’s back to school where we won’t have another vacation for the next three months. At least it was a good Golden Week spent.


My dad and I took a short trip to Osakasmile(in fact just one night for me since I had to come back to for other plans) We took the bullet train out from Tokyo and I had my usual ekiben on the shinkansen.


And then 2.5 hours later, we arrived in OsakakirakiraIt was kind of my first time, since the last time I went to a village on the outskirts instead of the actual city.


We headed straight to the Kuromon Ichiba Market, which isn’t hard to spot because of the giant octopus hanging over it along with various other crustaceans.


Most of it was seafood, with shops grilling scallops and prawns fresh out of the water. If you love seafood, this is a great place! If not it might be a mildly alarming experience with all those seafood still alive and swimming around.


These tiny octopuses were so cutegirl love

Osaka White Strawberry

There were a lot of fruits too, and I finally found those famous white strawberrieshappyExcept they weren’t super white or anything, just very faintly pink. But they were still delicious, even if a bit pricey. I mean, one cup of white strawberry juice was a whole ¥1000.


And when you’re in Osaka of course you have to eat takoyaki. Leaving without trying the takoyaki there would be like going to Italy in pizza. Not necessary by any means, but people would be like “Wait, did you not eat pizza in its mother country?” Anyway, I fulfilled my tourist duty and ate takoyaki at a famous shop in Dotonborineko


Breaking up that wall of food pictures with a historic landmark…we went to see the Osaka CastlekiraIt was the first castle I’d ever seen in Japan, so I was really impressed.


Back to food. I was walking around an underground shopping complex and everything was so old. Even the food samples looked they’d been there since the 20th century. Usually those plastic food samples you see displayed outside restaurants all over Japan look appetising, but these just looked grey and mouldy. Which was pretty funny to see, like those weird recipes from the 80s that used gelatine and a motley crew of random fruits.


On the other hand, modern food samples can get pretty ridiculous too.


There was a festival at the area we were staying atnekoThey had whole streets lined with stalls, like this cute crepe stall at the corner. It was only 10 in the morning but there were already people walking around everywhere and performers dancing in the square.


One night in Osaka just made me want to go back again. It felt different from Tokyo, kind of like it was still stuck in the 90s. But I liked that kind of retro charmkiss girlEven hearing the locals speak Kansai dialect was fun, so I got these Kansai-ben castella as a souvenir.

I’ll be back, Osaka! (not until I save up another ¥20000 for the bullet train though)


2 Responses to “One Night in Osaka”

  1. 1 Nano @ #TravelWithNanoB May 11, 2016 at 8:05 PM

    Your posts are so cute! Love seeing all the food you can try in Osaka. I hope to go to Osaka some time this year and will definitely follow your recommendations. 🙂

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