Dinner at a School-themed Izakaya in Tokyo

I grew up reading manga but by the time I landed in Japan I was already entering university and figured I’d already missed my chance at experiencing Japanese school life for myself. Until!


At 20 years old I went back to elementary school for dinnernekoIt’s a really fun elementary school-themed izakaya in Shibuya called 6nen4kumi (“Year 6 Class 4”) where the teachers—staff—line you up and sit you down at chalky desks. They’re mostly a classroom setting with blackboards and world maps but I sat at the principal’s office once too.


The food’s straight out of a elementary school lunch menu. They do a lot of home-style dishes like octopus sausages and meat balls, kind of like the stuff you get in a bento.


We had fun with our drinks too and ordered this chemistry experiment of a soda. The drink were all in test tubes and they gave us a flask with it too. (Or is that a beaker? It’s been too long. I forget)


My favourite was the agepan I orderedgirl loveIt’s deep-fried bread and basically like a long donut, but super soft and floppy.


Halfway through our meal the teacher appeared again to give us all a quiz. It was meant to be easy elementary school stuff, but things are different when you are not actually Japanese. But it’s okay! We got a hundred!


We got a 100 Marks Parfait to celebratekira


This is probably one of my new favourite places to go with friends to, because it’s cute and funny and lets you wear a randoseru with the yellow hat.

We made a video to show the inside, so hop on over to YouTube if you want to see more of the funkiss girl


3 Responses to “Dinner at a School-themed Izakaya in Tokyo”

  1. 1 Béné May 6, 2016 at 9:26 AM

    Seems a better experience that I had in Fukuoka’s one !

  2. 3 Marianne May 12, 2016 at 9:26 PM

    That looks adorable!!

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