Springtime and Matcha Pizza at Max Brenner

My laptop has life support again! Bring out the champagne! (Just kidding. I don’t know how to drink.)

Max Brenner

I mentioned the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar in passing on my blog once, but I’ve been back there three more times since then. Each time at the branch in Omotesando, with an hour-long queue. It’s a pretty justifiable wait though because Max Brenner is the mother of all chocolate shops. And it’s the spring season now! That means new desserts, new drinks, and new excuses to spend your money on chocolate.

The marshmallow chocolate pizza’s always been the favourite child here, but recently they released two more kinds—green tea and strawberrykirakiraThey both come with white chocolate and roasted marshmallows on top of the fluffy pizza base, though I liked the matcha better (maybe it just felt more exclusive getting to eat it in Japan).

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

The other spring dessert I got was the chocolate egg pavlova! So named because it looks there’s an egg on top of the meringue, but is really passionfruit sorbet on white chocolate. This was delicious, but it was fairly mortifying trying to eat this because the knife just would not penetrate the chocolate and I got lots of crumbs everywheresadBut was it worth all that effort and embarrassing myself? Yes. 10/10 would recommend!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

For this season’s drink they have this cherry blossom choctail! Which I tried and was mildly disappointed by just because I couldn’t see the pink part of the smoothie below. If you have a cute pastel pink and green drink that girls would order just to photograph for social media, wouldn’t you want to show it off a little more?! But to give it credit, it did taste good. Actually I ended up finishing it myselfhurhur

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

The Hug Mug is really just hot chocolate with a cuter name. But I recommend everyone to try one of these because it’s hot and chocolatey (way to go, me) and does kind of feel like a warm hug in beverage form. The best part is, it’s always on the menu! It’s always there for you.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

This time I tried the salted caramel hug muggirl loveThat’s proof of my guarantee. Like, it will be yummy. You will love it.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Another year-round item at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is their chocolate chip cookie, which is huge and literally half the size of my face (I held it up just to measure). It was chewy and crumbly and fulfilled every cookie craving I might have had for the foreseeable futurelove

I’m always impressed every time I visit Max Brenner because everything is delicious and photo-worthy—highly important requisite—and people are willing to spend a chunk of their day waiting in line outside the storenekoMost of the time the majority of customers I see are girls, with the occasional boyfriend thrown into the mix. Once there was a couple sitting next to me and they actually ate two whole chocolate pizzas between the two of them. Intense dating.

But the pizzas are really that good, so I probably wouldn’t be above doing that myselfdiet neko

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