Crayon House, a taste of childhood in Japan

Crayon House

Greetings, friendshand waveUsually I blog about the new cafes and food I find in Japan, but today’s is an old place; it’s a restaurant that I first went to ten years ago (a decade already, unbelievable). Crayon House is a cafe in Omotesando that believes in healthy food and having a happy life by eating said healthy food.

Crayon House

For as long as I can remember they’ve always served lunch in an all-you-can-eat style, and everything is homemade and supposed to be good for you. The menu changes everyday—every time I go there’re different dishes, from roast potatoes to creamy chicken gratin to tofu steak.

Crayon House

It’s kind of like eating at a cosy school cafeteria, with warm lights shining down on the trays of food and keeping them nice and toasty. I always have a lot of fun getting in line and choosing what I want to eatsmile

Crayon House

There’s outdoors seating too, and I like it better than just staying indoors (unless it’s 0℃ out or something). Sometimes it gets chilly but they have blankets outside so it’s not bad at all. I mean, you get fresh air with your fresh food.

Crayon House

They make their desserts from scratch, and since the kitchen can be seen from outside sometimes you can see the sweet old ladies inside making the cakes. And it just makes you feel extra loved when you eat those cakes.

Crayon House

Well, everything in this restaurant makes you feel like you’re eating it with love. Coming here always make me happy, kind of like I’m coming home for a home-cooked lunchnekoThere’re a lot of women and mothers with young children who come, but I usually see a pretty good number of businessmen there too just quietly eating their meal in their suits. I’m sure that’d help them get through a long day at the office.

Crayon House

And that’s a picture of me over ten years ago at my first visit to Crayon House (complete with date to seal the photographic evidence). Back then I liked playing with all the toys they had for the kids and being little enough for the children’s lunch pricehehe rabbitSince that first time, my mom’s been going to Crayon House every single trip she makes to Japan (it’s almost like a pilgrimage, even).

Crayon House

The menu always changes, but the taste is always just as goodgirl loveThey’re not pretentious at all and genuinely just want to fill people up with good food.

Crayon House

Maybe in ten years’ time I’ll still be going there to eat lunch. I’d probably be there with the businessmen just silently enjoying my nutritious food made with love.

Crayon House

Crayon House is special to me and one of my favourite places in Japan, especially because it’s been around since the first time I ever went therehappyTen years ago I bought these cookies (baked in the shape of their mascot), and even now I still get these little packs to bring home and eat.

They taste like butter and nostalgia.


6 Responses to “Crayon House, a taste of childhood in Japan”

  1. 3 anisakazemi March 15, 2016 at 7:56 AM

    I agree, super kawaii!

  2. 5 ggsdolls March 15, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    Beautiful story and I love the actual photo of you as a child. It is always nice to visit a place from the past. Like meeting an old friend^_~ many hugs from your friend on Guam, Gigi

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