Strawberry Sweets in Japan

Last week I wrote about the strawberry buffet at the Hilton Tokyo. As if there weren’t already too much of it on my blog, I’m going to carry on with the strawberries. It’s the season where everything strawberry (or as they say in Japanese, ichigo) appears in the shops and cafes—strawberry cakes, strawberry coffee, strawberry curry. I’ve had my own strawberry streak thanks to conbini, because there’ve been so many ichigo products.

Strawberry Japan

I rarely buy sandwiches because I’d rather just make my own, but these were too cute to pass uplove rabbitJapan seems to like fruit and cream in their sandwiches; I can’t really decide if they’re more like a dessert than a proper lunch food. But I’d always wanted to try the strawberry sandwiches anyway, so I got these from Family Mart.

Strawberry Japan

Puchi kuma cookies! I love this series from Bourbon because they literally have over 20 different flavours in all colours of the rainbow and it’s so fun seeing the new ones come out every season. I’m also kind of fond of these cookies because back when I was a part-time shopkeeper at a Japanese snack shop I used my staff discount to buy these all the time (and eat them on the job). The strawberry ones this time are adorable, and there’re even two kinds of themLove

Strawberry Japan

There’s never been a drink in a prettier shade of pink. The only thing is that ichigo Calpis tasted a lot sweeter than the normal Calpis, so you probably have to have an intense sweet tooth to finish it. And it’s low-calorie! Just thought I might add that there because it seems to be one of its selling points (not that I’d really trust this bottle of pink sugary liquid to help in a diet)diet neko

Strawberry Japan

Another popular snack with lots of different flavours. The Caramel Corn series has such great packaging that I sometimes I buy a lot of them even though they mostly taste the same (that’s how I ended up getting three special edition Star Wars Caramel Corn packs for my older brother). But they’re just meant to be lightly flavoured anyway; strawberry milk had a pretty nice sweetness to it and it was just right with a crunch to itgood

Strawberry Japan

Every time I find Tirol Choco in the shops they just get fancier and fancier. Did you know there’s raisin sandwich Tirol Choco?! Back on topic, this strawberry series might be my favourite so fargirl loveThere were three flavours: strawberry mousse, strawberry tarte and strawberry mille feuille. I loved how they were all made distinctly different, from the mochi sandwiched inside the strawberry mochi to the crunchy layers in the mille feuille. So precise.

Strawberry Japan

And then the bakery at the train station was selling these strawberry pie bunsloveEverything else I just wrote about was great but nothing’s quite the same as the smell of bread straight out of the oven, plus fresh strawberries.


I hope you liked reading about Japan’s strawberries and their spawn of sweetsstrawberryMy blog is now full of pink. And soon enough it’ll be cherry blossom season, which means even more pink. I need to get my hands on everything sakura!


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  1. 1 kneelengthvibes April 1, 2016 at 4:53 AM

    This is such a cute post! It really makes me wish that I’d be able to go to Japan right now. I was curious about the camera that you use to take pictures!

    Keep up the good work :3

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