Strawberry Buffet at the Hilton Tokyo

Last year I went to a strawberry farm and picked lots of strawberries. This year I went to a strawberry buffet and ate desserts that literally take a ton of strawberries to make.

Strawberry Buffet

The Hilton hotel (fancy, I know) in Tokyo has a strawberry fair every year during this season, and it’s a huge, elaborate strawberry smorgasbord with all kinds of different cakes and puddings and other sweet treats. See that majestic fountain of a fondue? It’s strawberry chocolate and very pink. Everything it touches turns pinkheart

Strawberry Buffet

This was my first round! I went straight for the dessert spread first because that’s what you do at a dessert buffet. Everyone probably had the same thought because there was a line of people (mostly female) crowding the strawberry table. We were all taking pictures before taking food too, so that might have slowed us down a little.

Strawberry Buffet

Everything was beautifulLoveThey really went all out to make their sweets look as appealing as possible. Everything was small and pretty bite-sized too, so you wouldn’t get full on them. Or that’s what I thought, until I ended up eating almost everything.

Strawberry Buffet

They had lots of juicy strawberries in their pure form too; it was a whole bowl of fresh and chubby strawberries that they refilled again and again all night. I read somewhere that they use thousands of strawberries just for this fair, which isn’t unexpected but still strange to imagine. If you took all the strawberries they use maybe they’d fill a house?

Strawberry Buffet

This was the cutest onegirl loveA mousse cake that looks like a giant strawberry.

Strawberry Buffet

Second round of the night! With said mousse cake, green tea strawberry cake, pudding, meringue and a tiny brownie. And that little cup in the corner is strawberry and mozzarella cheese on a stick with balsamic vinegar. Which sounds incredibly weird but tasted surprisingly good (I just like mozzarella a lot).

Strawberry Buffet

I lost track of the rounds after that, but this was one of them. Maybe I took too many cakes, but they were all too cute to pass uploveJust look at that little marshmallow heart! Again with the details. They’d change up the offerings once in a while, so every time I went back to take more food there’d be something different for me to try.

Strawberry Buffet

And no, it wasn’t just sweet things—at least half the buffet spread was all savoury, with meat and pasta and exotic dishes, and a salad bar if you wanted a quick dose of health in between the cakes. The savoury part was just as interesting as the desserts because there was such a big varietykirakira

Strawberry Buffet

Bread, the one section I avoided. I didn’t come all the way to a buffet to eat breadhurhurI think I did take a bit of garlic bread though, but that was just to mop up my soup. They did a good clam chowder!

Strawberry Buffet

I’ve gone to buffets before, but this was the first time I’d gone to one that was themed after strawberries. I guess that’s not unprecedented in Japan, especially since it sounds exactly like the kind of thing Japanese girls (and I) would go forstrawberryIt was both tasty and tasteful and the best way to treat myself after finals. We were having so much fun there we spent three hours just eating strawberries and feeling classy at the Hiltonkirakira


6 Responses to “Strawberry Buffet at the Hilton Tokyo”

  1. 1 fluflubennett February 15, 2016 at 8:06 PM

    That looks insane 😉 and so delicious too! Wish I could go to a strawberry buffet!!

  2. 3 Athinameetsworld February 16, 2016 at 1:37 AM

    This post made me so hungry!! Enjoy!

  3. 5 Marina March 7, 2016 at 6:58 AM

    This looks so cute and delicious!
    Haven’t heard of this buffet before but it sure looks like someplace I would go to f(^_^;)

    What program/app do you use to decorate your photos? (Which are great by the way 😉 )

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