Snowy Kawaguchiko


On the one day Tokyo had snow, it was mostly scattered around the roads and more like slush than the marshmallow substance of my imagination. So we went to Kawaguchikokira kiraIt was a spontaneous trip that we decided on the night before, so that might say something about how easy it is to get there from Tokyo. Kawaguchiko’s in the Yamanashi prefecture but only about two hours away by bus, and it’s right by Mount Fuji! Perfect for snow chasing.


It’s popular with tourists, but even then the town was quiet and peaceful and totally postcard-worthy. I’ll just show these pictures and not pull out my Ghibli reference again haha. I’d gone for the snow and everywhere was covered in white! Kawaguchiko makes dreams come true, basically.


Even the stations look cuter here.


We were walking and kept seeing these signs that advertising ほうとう (houtou) and had no idea what it was except some kind of food. It turned out to be a Yamanashi specialty (hotpot with flat noodles and vegetables) which explained why pretty much every single restaurant we passed had houtou. It’s quintessential winter food—a big hotpot stuffed with pumpkin and cabbage and and meat and noodles. Deliciousgirl love


After warming ourselves up with hotpot we went to get ice cream and ate it out in the cold. Experiences aren’t defined by logichurhurIt was also possibly the cutest soft serve ice cream cone I’d ever eaten. Lavender on the bottom, topped with vanilla and peach. Look at those colours! They’re so pastel and aesthetically pleasing.


It was cloudy that day, so Mount Fuji was unfortunately out of sight. But it didn’t actually matter that much when we were already surrounded by other mountains. Maybe Mount Fuji is famous and prettier, but we still got a great viewsmile


This was the snow I’d been looking for. Pure, white and abundant (and not likely to get me into a traffic accident)smileSend a tropical kid into a mountainside filled with snow and you’ll probably lose her in it for a few hours. We played around and took lots of snowy pictures that could potentially go on the next round of Christmas cards.


After sunset we got on a bus and headed to see the beach illuminationskirakiraIt turned out to be less extravagant as the poster made it out to be, but still worth a pretty picture. The lights were gorgeous anyway!


Back to Kawaguchiko Station to catch the return bus to Tokyo, so there was just about enough time to look around the souvenir shop. There were plenty of Fujisan-themed items and confectionery—just about the pinnacle of Japanese culture (literally too, in a sense). I bought some for my friends back home because nothing says “I came from Japan” better than little cakes that look like Mount Fujigood


Japan being creative with their souvenirs as usual.


It was only a day trip, but the short getaway was worth it just to wander around in the snowhappyEvery time I go to these rural spots of Japan I get so excited about going out of the city that I dream about starting a new life and being one with nature and all that, but once it gets dark I don’t think that anymore haha. Admittedly, it’s kind of scary when everything’s pitch black and silent. I’ll slowly appreciate the countryside from when it’s bright and sunny outlove


4 Responses to “Snowy Kawaguchiko”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu February 8, 2016 at 8:21 PM

    So wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. 3 Naomi February 9, 2016 at 8:44 PM

    Japan has such stunning scenery. I think the mountains are so beautiful! Looks like a great trip.

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