Pancakes with a view at Hoshino Coffee

I ate pancakes while looking out at one of Tokyo’s most iconic spots in Shibuya! The only real way to enjoy pancakes from now on, maybe.

Hoshino Coffee Pancakes

You probably know about Shibuya and the famous scramble crossing—there’s a massive wave of humans all day. Above that there’s a cafe called Hoshino Coffee that’s popular for its thick souffle pancakeskira kiraI might’ve blogged about it before; there’re a few branches back home in Singapore (just without the nice view).

Hoshino Coffee

Why have menus when you can have something closer to the real thing? The food samples outside the cafe already look so good. They have a lot of desserts like pancakes and french toast, but there’re also sandwiches and the like.

Hoshino Coffee

Ordered tea because it’s the classy thing to do. Also because they had a teatime set that came with the pancakes.

Hoshino Coffee Pancakes

Double souffle pancakes with apple and caramel! It’s so fluffyhappyIf you think you might struggle with eating two whole incredibly fat pancakes this would be a good thing to share with someone else. It gets you really full (or maybe I’m just used to my pancakes being skinny).

Hoshino Coffee Pancakes

This one was just a single pancake, but it had bananas and vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and crunch drizzled over the top. So it’s a lot more than a single pancake haha. They served it hot and soft with a cold scoop of ice creamgirl love

Hoshino Coffee

I liked having a view of the Shibuya crossing more than actually being in itgirl tongueThe cafe was surprisingly not as crowded as I thought it’d be since I went on a Sunday, but maybe people don’t notice it as much because it’s hanging back with a bunch of trees and you wouldn’t see it unless you looked up. It’s at the 109MEN’s building, so if you want to eat pancakes in style go to Hoshino Coffeekira


4 Responses to “Pancakes with a view at Hoshino Coffee”

  1. 1 All the ame January 25, 2016 at 11:21 PM

    Wow, those pancakes are super fat! The banana one looks especially delicious ^_^

  2. 3 fluffybunnydesu January 26, 2016 at 7:40 AM

    The stark contrast depicted in your last photo serves as a notable reminder for the need to make quality time amidst the hustle & bustle of daily life!

    Given the demands of your academic commitments, I’m glad to know you are mindful of Well being and still enjoying yourself.

    Cute Food Journal, love the vibrant photos.

    Good luck with your Grades! Take care.

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