Birdwatching at Kotori Cafe

It’s still tolerably chilly in Tokyo, and only once in a while there’s a big rain and the temperature just nosedives. But sometimes a rainy day’s a good day too, when it’s just a drizzle and peaceful to walk around under the shelter of an umbrella.

Kotori Cafe

On on such day my classmate and I went to the Kotori Cafe in Kichijoji to visit birds and eat some cakekira kiraThe thing about Kichijoji is that it’s a cosy, quirky neighbourhood that’s quieter than the usual Tokyo spots and being there makes you feel like you’re in a Ghibli movie. Which might have something to do with the fact that the Ghibli museum is in the area, but I’m seriously in love with how friendly the atmosphere in Kichijoji is.

There’s no other perfect place for a bird cafebird


I don’t think I’ve ever seen cockatiels, and I never knew they could be this cute. I’ve never really been a big bird lover or anything, but once I saw these with their madly blushing cheeks I wanted to take them home right there and then. And okay they’re not really blushing, but it’s adorableloveIsn’t nature so great?

Kotori Cafe

They were having a special curry set, but my friend and I were there for dessert so cake it wascakeIt’s a small cafe with a small menu of small cakes, but everything was bird-themed in some way and so very cute. I got the owl mont blanc because I love mont blanc and there was something about this bird’s funny expression that just really struck a chord with me.

Also, did you see the picture at the top of this post? They serve you the cakes in bird cages! And then when you’re done taking pictures they’ll pop back to your table to take it away so you can eat properly.

Kotori Cafe

My friend went with the cheese mousse, which came in the form of a fat little white sparrow. This was cute too, and also made us a little sad to hack into it with a dessert fork:')

Kotori Cafe

Not that we regretted it or anything. The inside was just as good as it looked outside; there were layers of sponge and strawberry mousse tucked under a coat of fluffy cream cheese. Plus white chocolate pieces on the side! Since they’d already fulfilled their purpose as bird wings, we ate them with the mousse and it was great.

(My owl cake, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well after I’d scooped out a chunk of cake so there are no pictures for display…but it was delicious)

Kotori Cafe

You can get a drink with the cake as a set and they all come in a cup with a pretty bird designlove girlThat’s pretty much the main draw, because the drinks are all just your standard teas and coffees. Still, it’s nice to have something to go with your cake so you may as well make it a proper teatimegood

Kotori Cafe

There were a lot of people who came in alone and just spent their time relaxing and taking pictures of birds. The tables in the cafe are surrounded by glass enclosures that house the birds, so  you just take your time to eat while watching the birds fly around and chirp at each other and have the occasional bath. I’d say it’s almost therapeuticneko

Kotori Cafe

Like almost every other cafe I wrote about on this blog, they pay a lot of attention to detail and have a very lovingly done bird theme going on at Kotori Cafe. There are lots of bird paintings and decorations everywhere and you just start to feel yourself slowly converting into a bird lover.

Kotori Cafe

And once that’s happened, the merchandise shelves are out and ready for you to fall in love with souvenirs that you just have to buy. Of all things I ended up buying a plush cockatiel that has a clip attached at the bottom so I can pin it onto my head. Yeah, I know…diet neko

But they do have lots of things you can actually use too! My friend made the more sensible choice and decided to get a calendar and mug to bring home.

Kotori Cafe

Even if you don’t buy anything though, you can definitely have a good, easygoing time at Kotori Cafegirl loveTo get there you just need to go out from the South exit at Kichijoji station. It’s worth the 15-20 minute walk through Kichijoji past Inokashira Park. Also, the Ghibli museum is right opposite the cafekira kira

2 Responses to “Birdwatching at Kotori Cafe”

  1. 2 Marianne R. November 16, 2015 at 11:54 PM

    Ack, that’s adorable! I really like themed cafes – someday I really hope to go to Japan and pretty much just spend my time (and money) going to all the lovely and quirky themed cafes. I heard there’s a sheep cafe too!

    Coffee, Tea or Yani

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