Teddy Bear Chigiri Bread!

Hello! How did it become the second last month of the year so fast? I’ve only just wrapped up a busy weekend and class starts in 9 hours, so I’m sorry today’s post will be a short one! I’m kind of half asleep now…

Bear Chigiri Bread

I made bear-shaped chigiri pan this weekendbearIt’s been a recent baking trend in Japan, where lots of people make these pull-apart buns and turn them into all kinds of characters. I’ve seen Totoro and Moomin ones and I just want to make themcry

They take a long time to prepare though…the bears are as basic as it can get and it already took me hours to pound away at the dough and wait for it to puff up.

But as time-consuming as it is, it’s actually easy to make! You can’t really go wrong with bread; once you’ve baked a tray of simple rolls like these you just need to draw on faces nextgoodWith chigiri pan (ちぎりパン) you get to be creative.

If you need a recipe, Ochikeron has one that’s nice and easy to followkira kira

Have a good week!


3 Responses to “Teddy Bear Chigiri Bread!”

  1. 1 All the ame November 2, 2015 at 10:28 PM

    How adorable, you did a great job ^_^

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