Cute Animal Donuts in Japan


If you’re in need of animal companions, this is just the place for youkiraAt floresta nature doughnuts they cost just ¥300 or so and you get to eat them right away.


floresta is a donut chain in Japan that serves freshly baked donuts! They’re made with lots of love and organic ingredients, so you can feel good about eating natural sweets. I like that too, because everything about their brand identity just feels so kind and gentlegirl love

But my favourite part is the animal donuts that they include in their line of offerings. They constantly bring changes to their little baked zoo, so there’re different animals for different seasons.


It’s fall, so this is a cat relaxing on top of a bunch of leaves! How very autumnal.


And here’s a rabbit enjoying some moon viewingkirakiraIt was the Mid Autumn Festival just the other day (or at least back home it was)! In Japan they have otsukimi, which is a moon viewing tradition with lots of dango and rabbit motifs. In Singapore we eat lots of mooncakes haha.


This was from way back in the Spring! I think that was around the time strawberries were in season. So there you have an alpaca eating fresh grass in strawberry icingalpaca

floresta nature doughnuts is my favourite donut chain in Japan, and I’ve been going to the chain in Koenji (cutest neighbourhood award). There’re too many different kinds of donuts, so I have to make lots of trips therehurhur


4 Responses to “Cute Animal Donuts in Japan”

  1. 1 Local Girl Foreign Land September 28, 2015 at 1:28 AM

    This is too cute for consumption~~

  2. 3 Marta Frant September 30, 2015 at 6:02 PM

    They are so lovely. I wish we had this donut chain in my country 🙂

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