Tokyo Life: Day One


I arrived yesterdaykirakiraAnd went straight home to bed because it was almost 10 at night and I’d just travelled for 11 hours including a transit in Hong Kong. The lengths I go to get to Japan…but I landed safely and had a good first daysmile

Thank you blog

Some friends came to see me off at the airport! I got lots of hugs and letters and a few going-away presents, of which the majority were Gudetama…my friends know me so well it’s uncanny. A lot of people gave me their kind words toolove girl

(Also since I can’t be known as ‘that girl who likes Japan’ here anymore, maybe my new brand image will be ‘that girl who has too much Gudetama’ instead)


Since I just arrived I haven’t done much apart from getting a new phone number and eating. I did make a quick trip to my university though, and picked up some course material. I’m starting to remember now that I’m here for school and not an extended vacationhurhur

But I’ve been a diligent freshman and reading all that wordy stuff like the course syllabus. Which is actually really interesting! It’s like shopping for classes, but with the stress of speed-registering them for my timetable before they run out of student space.

Still, I’m looking forward to universityneko


This is only the start of a long adventure! From now on I think my blog is going to be even more Japan-centric than ever since, well, I stay here now. There are lots of posts I want to write and lots of pictures I want to take, so please come by and keep me company for the next four yearsgirl


2 Responses to “Tokyo Life: Day One”

  1. 1 All the ame October 3, 2015 at 3:12 AM

    I just found your blog, I love it! So adorable, I love your writing style and your photography is brilliant. I can’t wait to read more about your life in Japan! Good luck with Uni ^_^

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