(My own little) Singapore food trail

Hello! For this week’s blog post I thought I’d take a break from all things Japan since, well, that’s probably all I’m going to be talking about for the next few years. It’s the usual ode to food—but Singapore edition. I don’t have eyes only for Japan…I’m still very much in love with my small dot of a home country. Also, this post feels vaguely educational but is still more of an excuse for me to eat.


kiraIced Gems

I’ve been buying these tiny biscuits since I was in primary school, which should say something about how cheap they are (or at least, used to be) if a 9-year-old could buy them with pocket moneyneko


kiraIce Cream

Exclusively sold in roadside carts by uncles! The ice cream is always chopped up into neat blocks and served with bread or a wafer in a cupkira kiraI always chose the former because it’s rainbow-coloured and I like bread. There used to be an ice cream uncle who set up his cart outside my school gate, and I’d buy one almost every day after school (how I didn’t get sick of it I’ll never know, but the teenage years are a mystery).


kiraTutu Kueh

There used to be a lot of pasar malams (outdoor night markets), and they all always had these steamed rice flour cakes with fillings like coconut and red bean. They’re small and light and easy to eat, so I guess that’s also why they’re sold in packets of fiveeating


kiraEgg Tarts

I liked eggs even before Gudetama came along. They’re yummiest when the egg custard is bouncy and pudding-y, and melts into the buttery crust. Whenever I get to go for dim sum these are a necessary orderlove girl



This picture might have appeared in my blog a long time ago haha. And I’m sorry but the rainbow Lapis Sagu is upside downcryKueh’s really something special, and the ones in this picture are only a fraction of the different kinds that are out there. Years ago my mom used to bring me a piece every time she picked me up from tuition class, so they gave me a good memory that waykiss girl


There are a lot of other local treats that I can’t fit into this post. Japan may have more cute food, but this is the stuff that I grew up on and love. It’s pretty sad I won’t get to eat them anytime and anywhere for a whilecryThere’s a Singaporean restaurant near my neighbourhood in Tokyo, but most of the dishes cost $10—in Singapore the same ones would cost less than $5 haha. Still, I have a go-to place for when I’m homesick and desperatediet neko

I’ve eaten my fill of home food and stayed clear of sushi and ramen. I’m ready for the Japanese foodhappyNext Friday I’ll probably post a quick update when I arrive, so see you next week!


3 Responses to “(My own little) Singapore food trail”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu August 31, 2015 at 7:23 AM

    “I’m ready for the Japanese food”〜Just as ready!Looking forward to those delightful Foodie Thoughts!

    It’s with as much sincerity I thank you for sharing this colourful and insightful addition of your Food Memoirs〜

    Safe travels!

  2. 2 Sydney Lee September 7, 2015 at 2:41 PM

    i feel the same about malaysian food! wouldnt know what to do if i were to study in australia ;_;

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