Tokyo Dessert Diary

Hello! Who’s hungry? There’re still plenty of yummy food photos from my Japan travels but a lot of them can’t make up a whole blog post by themselves. So I’ve found them a home in my dessert diaries, because they shouldn’t be hidden from the world.


Starting off simple with a classic Japanese-style parfait with matcha ice cream, azuki and shiratama; a lot of restaurants and cafes have this same dessert but no one ever gets tired of it.


One of the best dressed ice cream cones I’ve ever seennekoIt’s milky soft serve ice cream, coated with almond crunch and stuffed into an even crunchier cone. A spoon’s provided,  because they already know you can’t chomp down the whole thing cleanly.

By the way this shop is called Zakuzaku and they’re at Takeshita-dori in Harajukuneko


Their main attraction is actually the Croquant Chou, a long cream puff stick filled with sweet, silky custard. Aside from single portions they also sell it in packs of six, which makes sense once you’ve tried one. It’s addictively good especially when you go the shop and see it being freshly made in front of you. Zakuzaku even (kind of passive-aggressively) reminds you to eat it on the spot, by putting an “Expiry Date: Today!” label on all the packaging.


Pablo, superstar of the cheesecake world. Look at that creamy golden filling ooze out from the insidelove girlPablo lets you choose how gooey you want it to be, so your cheesecake can be either medium or rare. Kind of like a dessert steak. I picked medium because I like my sweets to be firmer instead of wobbly.


On one of the days my family went to a restaurant that I’d always wanted to go to because they had massive honey toasts in the window display. When we went inside and asked for a table, we got shown to a private room instead and found out it was a karaoke restaurant.

But we stayed because I really wanted that honey toasthurhurMy family did end up using the karaoke machine since we were already there and didn’t want to waste the experience. (Or it’d be like going to an aquarium and not looking at any fish, or something)

Even though I didn’t sing, I thought it was actually a great deal. The karaoke service in that restaurant is completely free and you’d only pay for your food, plus you get a whole room to yourselfgirl


This is the result of letting my older brother decide where we’d eat for lunch. After staking out his favourite ramen shop, he brought me to the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar at Omotesando for dessert. Or second lunch—it was big enough.

A slice of pizza coated with chocolate spread and topped with marshmallows torched into gooey softness. It’s a monstrosity. (I make it out to be a total scandal, but it was delicious)


Don’t worry, I don’t spend my days eating nothing but desserts all the time. Most of the time I’m eating sensible, ordinary food that just aren’t quite showy enough to make it to the blogneko


2 Responses to “Tokyo Dessert Diary”

  1. 1 Joce August 18, 2015 at 11:08 AM

    All of these look really delicious… especially the chocolate pizza. *_*

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