Weekly Slice: Dessert Diary

Hello! I used to do a lot of food diary posts, but it’s been a long time since my last one (though I guess technically almost all my cafe posts nowadays are about food).

Fun fact: I am currently working as a food photographer. I love taking pictures of food so much I turned it into a means of livelihood. Plus so you know that I take these posts seriouslylove


My friends and I went to Hoshino Coffee for dinner sometime in the beginning of the monthgirl loveHoshino Coffee’s desserts are the stuff of legends. They have pancakes, souffles, soft serve ice cream, and everything else little children (and I) dream of.

There were too many I wanted to try, so I had both the vanilla souffle and french toast—one as a main course and one as the actual dessert. Which is probably not the wisest choice health, but it was a rare occasion and everyone shared itgood


And then on another day with my friends I finally got my hands on the Tai Parfait that’s been swimming around in my cravings since forever. Fun fact #2: Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancakes) are my favourite Japanese confectionerysmile(I might’ve said this at least once before but anyway it’s important)

Tai Parfait is the same favourite taiyaki of mine, except its mouth is wide open and stuffed with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate-dipped berries. I’m eating a dessert that’s eating a dessert.

Macarons are like the princesses of the sweets world. So dainty and delicate and totally expensive315179These were a treat I received! I rarely get such a wonderful chance to try macaronscryI feel twice as cultured just nibbling away at them. Usually I like taking bigger bites, but macarons are always so small they disappear in the span of two seconds all too easily.


My mom and I went to Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant in Singapore once; it was a weekday afternoon and almost empty. As great as celebrity chef’s highly acclaimed restaurants are, eating there can cost you an arm and a legneko

My mom and I shared a starter (which are big enough we ate them like mains) and a dessert together, plus we ate our fill of complimentary bread. And that’s how we walked out of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant with a happy stomach and a healthy walletgood

4 Responses to “Weekly Slice: Dessert Diary”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu August 1, 2015 at 3:38 PM

    “I am currently working as a food photographer”; Sagaciously becoming a “Professional Foodie” indeed; good work!

    Thank you always.

  2. 3 Kate August 2, 2015 at 4:04 AM

    Ah, I’ve heard about Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant. Good to hear that eating there wasn’t too costly for you.

    Can I ask, do you make the little graphics that you add to the food photos yourself? Or is it an app, and if so, which one? They’re so cute and they really add to the photos, rather than making them look crowded.

    • 4 Miu August 7, 2015 at 12:30 PM

      It’s good even under a budget!

      And yes, I draw the graphics myself on Photoshop! Except for the text of course, which I have fonts for haha. I’m glad you like them 😀

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