Cafe Breakfasts in Japan

Hello! Today’s post is a collection of breakfasts I ate. Everyone knows Starbucks, but in Japan there are a lot of other cafe chains. They all pretty much serve the same thing, but have their own different surprises here and there.

All these cafes serve breakfast sets every morning which are fairly affordable; they give you a sandwich and a drink (coffee or tea, as always) for a couple hundred yen.

Moriva Coffee


Starting off with my favourite—my goal when I came in the spring was to eat a sakura chiffon cake, which had to be pink and covered with cream. Thanks, Morivahehe rabbitThe set also came with a sakura ice blended drink, just to complete all that attractive pink goodness.

Doutor Coffee


A no-frills toast set at Doutor! I thought it was cute how they gave me something called Toast Fresh to spread over the slices. It turned out to just be butter, but it was good butter.


They also have a lot of small snacks at the counter, like cookies and scones and tiny cakes. This is a baked sweet potato confectionerylove girlIt’s golden and soft and tastes like a dream.

St. Marc Cafe


This chain is known for their bakery menu, and the Chococro chocolate croissant is their trademark item! They usually have other flavours too, like matcha and almond. During the spring season I got to try the strawberry ChococrostrawberryEven the paper wrapper is cute!


Honolulu Coffee

Off to Hawaii for the morningkirakiraOr at least, a Hawaii-born cafe that looks like a trendy island shack and smells like roasted beans. This ended up being a slightly more indulgent breakfast—I tried the malasada, which are basically sugared donuts, in both vanilla and cinnamon. They’re Hawaiian treats and very fluffyhappy girl

Excelsior Caffé


And this place is my dad’s favourite! He always gets the same kind of ham sandwich. But since I like sweets right from the get-go I got the french toast to start my morningheart


Matcha, sweet azuki and cream in one blissful cupgirl love


Another sakura-flavoured cake! This was a simpler pound cake and considerably less fancy, but still pink nonetheless and therefore something I had to try.


I’ll leave the savoury food to my dadgirlThey call this a pizza avvolte. It’s basically wrapped up dough with pizza filling, tucked up nice and snug inside. Kind of like a hot, toasty pocket.


Well then, till next time—when I can round up more breakfast reports in Japan!

7 Responses to “Cafe Breakfasts in Japan”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu July 11, 2015 at 6:56 AM

    /(ღ^o^ღ)ヽSo lovely & dreamy is this much anticipated Weekly Slice of Paradise〜

    Your comprehensive Blog is definitely my favourite most welcomed uplifting read!

    So vibrantly depicted & colourfully illustrated〜hinting at a promise of Career potential〜

    You would surely have my vote to be elected as “Spokesperson” for all things cute Japan!

    I hope you will continue to Follow your Heart & fully realise your Dreams〜

    As always a joy〜Thank you!

  2. 3 Alana Jewel July 11, 2015 at 9:00 AM

    All of it looks very yummy! And filling.. ;-;

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