Kazari Maki-zushi: Roses and Plum Blossoms


I learned how to make kazari maki-zushi—decorative sushi rollssmileA Japanese friend of my family is a sushi making instructor; a while ago she promised to give me a lesson and so I visited her home and we made sushi. I feel a bit like I skipped a grade, because I’ve never even made basic sushi myself before. And now here I am rolling them into art pieceshurhur

She taught me the most basic shapes—a rose and a plum blossom. I was really impressed by how creative it all was, from the colourful ingredients that made up the different parts to the technique of stacking it all together.

Photo 20-3-15 1 30 33 pm

Half of the sushi rolls were packed up for me to bring home, and the other half became our lunch. It’s not just mean to look pretty—it tasted good though! Probably because sushi rice is the queen of rice. It’s sweet and sticky, so it goes well with the slightly salty fillingsgood

Eating four big rolls of sushi filled me up quite a bit, but we still had dessert after that. I’d brought some traditional kueh, so we ate that with the grape jelly that my friend (or sushi sensei? I’m kind of puzzled over what to call her because she’s a grown up lady) made herself.


If you’re curious about the ingredients we used…

kiraNori seaweed, sushi rice (Japanese short grain rice with rice vinegar, sugar and salt)

kiraFor the rose: Pink oboro, cucumber, mentaiko, ham strips, sesame seeds

kiraFor the plum blossom: Powdered umeboshi, cheese kamaboko, finely chopped omelette


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