Chinese New Year 2015 ☆


It’s the first day of the Chinese New Year! Or the Lunar New Year, as it’s also called. It’s a huge occasion here, so there’re lots of festivities and tradition going on during this period. This year it’s especially good because the first two days of Chinese New Year are on a Thursday and Friday, which means we’ve got a four-day weekendhappy

Yesterday we celebrated the eve with the usual reunion dinner, so my family joined a gathering with all the relatives. We saw them again this morning, when we kicked off all the visiting.


Some cute traditional sweets! These aren’t actually the main ones though; there’re jars and jars of pineapple tarts, cookies, peanuts and all those dry snacks, but my throat decided to go all sore on me before I got to eat any of them.


Look at all the heaty snacks behind that I can’t have…I’m just going to eat all the healthy mandarin oranges instead.


This was my outfit for today! Since it’s Chinese New Year and all I went with the customary red, and wore something simple underneath my cardigangirlAs for new clothes for the new year, it’s just my dress. Which is from the kids section at Uniqlo haha.


I’m really worn out from the past few days of work and studying and today’s visiting, so I think I should just go to bed now. The second day of Chinese New Year isn’t so busy for me, so it looks like I’ll just be spending time at home with my familysmile(and studying. Sigh)

Happy Lunar New Year to you if you celebrate it! And to everyone else, have a good day tookirakira


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