Food Diary: Brownie Baking

Deadline week at school is approaching, and there’s this imminent tsunami of presentations and project submissions heading my way. I didn’t even notice it was coming so fast. And I think some part of me still doesn’t, because I’m still sitting here blogging while diligently ignoring Microsoft Word where an essay is waiting.

Recently I’ve been wanting to bake a lot, and I’ve got this whole list to try when the semester is over (my Internet history is clogged with recipe blogs).

But last week I made brownies during a study break! It only took twenty-odd minutes to prepare, so it was kind of easy to just mix everything up and wait for it to bake.


It turned out like thissmileI’m kind of proud of them…I’d never made brownies before and they turned out as perfectly fudgy as I’d hoped they would. Success! And then I dusted the brownies with icing sugar and forgot they were still hot and some of the sugar melted off. Sigh. There’s always a catch.

Anyway continuing this food diary, here’re some of the interesting things I ate in the past week or sogirl

Photo 28-1-15 11 09 32 pm Photo 28-1-15 11 10 40 pm

The other day my friend and I went for a university open house, and we had a quick lunch before thatkiraWe went to a small bakery cafe and shared mushroom soup in a bread bowl! Which was really more of a stew, because it was so thick and creamy. We started tearing the bread apart to dip in the mushroom soup, and it was deliciouslove girlAnd it was filling too, but dessert is always necessary so we got a strawberry shortcake.

Photo 28-1-15 11 06 32 pm Photo 28-1-15 11 14 39 pm

My dessert palate covers Asian flavours too! Kueh (on the right) is always a favourite because I love choosing the different colourful pieces. The one on the left is a special cake from Indonesia; my grandmother lives there and has recently come to visitkiss girlShe only visits Singapore once in a few years, but each time she remembers to bring our favourite Indonesian cakes and sweets. Since I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t been able to see her much at all, but the few times she came to my place we got to talk a lot. It seems I grow taller with every conversation toohurhur


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