Today’s Outfit Menu: Rich, Juicy Reds

Hello! Oh look, it’s Wednesday—I’m a little nearer to my weekend posting goals. A lot of times I start writing a post on Sunday night but end up dragging it through a couple of days until I finally finish it because on school nights I use up what little creativity I have on my assignments.

Today it’s a fashion post of outfits featuring red items! Red has that really warm, cosy image that reminds me of winter, so I like to use it in my coordinates while the season is still going on in the rest of the world. (Again it’s just me being envious of all you countries with four seasons)


This one’s a somewhat girly, demure coordinate with the extra punch of red and black shoes. The skirt was a sale item from Lowry’s Farm—yay for discounts, nay for the fact that Lowry’s Farm is closing all stores herecryI’ve always gone to them for my Japanese fashion fix, so I’m feeling an extra big loss here especially after Dip Drops announced their closure too.


I love logo sweaters, and this is one of my favourites because it’s such a deep, bold shade of red. Sweater and shorts coordinates are perfect because they’re so easy to pair, and they’re a casual and solid combination at the same timegoodThis time I wore my black knee-high tights too for extra definition.


This was a last-minute coordinate because I’d been wearing my formal clothes for a presentation at school, but I didn’t want to spend the day in that rigid office-like attire. So I substituted my high-waisted shorts and cosy red cardigan and just left the formal top, which wasn’t quite so formal anymore underneath all that casual goodnessgirl


That’s all for today’s post! Now I can go to school in peacenekoSee you next week!

Tiny Me


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