The Small Joys

Hello! I thought I’d start off a new year of blogging by dutifully keeping to my weekend updates (as I did once upon a time), but there’s clearly no success yet. And I know I routinely moan about this, but school is not being particularly kind. It’s the busiest semester yet, and I’m smack in the middle of it.

But even when I’m stuck in a never-ending cycle of late nights and deadlines, there’re still the little things around that put me in a good mood.


Every once in a while mom makes sweet potatoes for both of us after dinnersmileIt’s a simple homemade dessert—she steams the potatoes and cooks a pot of coconut cream to pour over them. It’s so rich and creamy that I don’t have to think about anything else except the bliss of eating chunky sweet potatoes covered with a blanket of sweet and salty coconut cream. (Now I’m trying too hard to wax poetic about these babies)


And then I have Saturday mornings, when my dad brings me to the neighbourhood coffee shop for breakfast. He likes to eat local grub as much as he can because he’s always travelling, so we drink teh (typical Singaporean tea) and eat pau (my favourite steamed buns!) while my dad reads the papers.

There’s an unspoken routine between us—I always start with just one pau, but when he’s halfway through his newspaper he insists on another round so we end up going through a whole assortment of them. There’re our favourites like red bean and lotus paste, and sometimes we try different flavours like coffee jam. Saturday breakfast with my dad is the only time I ever get to try that manygirl

Things like these sweet potatoes and steamed buns keep me going every week.

What makes you happy?kira

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