Schoolgirl Fashion

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post. This time I’ve curated a few coordinates based on a classic schoolgirl look; recently I’ve been into a bit of a retro style with striped ankle socks, Oxford shoes, and long skirts.


(Top: LDS/Skirt: Primark)

 In Japan there’s been a big boom in midi length skirts for a while; rightly so in my opinion, because they’re at a perfectly quirky, feminine length and are particularly flattering when high-waisted.

This pleated grey skirt is one of my favourites with an adorably vintage look, like it’s part of a timeless school uniformkira kira

The white sweater also gives such a fun pop of character and colour with its big red heart. You can’t see the words, but the heart has School Girls are Forever printed across it. That just about sums it all uphappy


(Top: Dorothy Perkins/Skirt: Dip Drops)

Tucked into a simple black skirt, the collar top gave the outfit a whole earnest, honour student kind of feeling while keeping it sweet with its light pink colour.

Also, this shirt was from London! It was love at first sight, though it took the whole night to convince myself. We’d been walking along Oxford Street and concentrating on getting to Primark (i.e. shopping chain of legends) a couple blocks away. But it wouldn’t let me go easily; I thought about it the whole time up till while having dinner, and the minute I put my tub of Pret a Manger risotto down I went back to get it. If this isn’t love I don’t know what ishurhur


(Top: tricolor/Skirt: Lowry’s Farm)

Unlike the previous outfit, I tried making this a modestly cute look; I kept things simple with a sweater and navy striped knee-length skirt. The colours came together rather companionably, and the whole set-up turned out nice and cosysmile

And the footwear remains the same throughout for all three coordinates. The socks and shoes combination rounded out the whole classic schoolgirl-inspired look well, and it’s so versatile I can wear it with almost any style. Unlike clothes I have no qualms being a footwear repeater, by the wayneko


Well then. In other news, Christmas is coming!

Will you be doing anything for Christmas? I’ve been happily soaking in the festive season and enjoying the school break (while conveniently ignoring my assignments), so I really wish it wouldn’t end so soon. But at any rate I’m looking forward to the 25th and spending the day with my family.

Merry Christmas in advance!girl

1 Response to “Schoolgirl Fashion”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu December 23, 2014 at 2:57 AM

    A wonderful and creative fusion of Fashion !

    I recall your article regarding a School Trip to the UK some time ago; would I be correct in assuming you bought these items then as souvenirs !

    A hint of traditional British School uniform perhaps ?

    An insightful and delightful read; as always many thanks for sharing.

    Look forward to reading subsequent updates next year I guess; I wish you and your Family all the very best !!

    Until next time; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !! Regards~

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