Supply & Demand: Pasta and…BBQ Pork Gelato?


The other day I had lunch at an Italian bistro called Supply & Demand!

That morning I’d gotten off to a bad start because my tripod went missing (how do you lose a metre-long thing with three legs?), but I met Ju Eun in the afternoon and so all was well. Nothing carbs and conversation can’t fixnekoI had a massive plate of spaghetti (that is to say the plate was huge, the pasta portion was okay), which was veggie aglio olio sprinkled with lots of yummy olives.


The word cichetti, I found, meant side dishes; we had a fairly abundant tray of cichetti. Apart from the pasta main, the set lunch came with an assortment of tiny dishes (see above!) including a hunk of cheese and yummy breadstick with its own tiny dish of olive oil to dip in.

Now here’s the unexpected show-stealerneko


We ended with dessert, because I thought I’d use the opportunity to take photos for my food magazine project at school. It’s meant to be about something unique and a fusion of local and foreign food, which is how we ended up with bak kwa gelato. If you don’t know what bak kwa is, it’s sweet and savoury barbecued pork. Which you’d know immediately does not go into your typical bowl of ice cream. Or, for that matter, anywhere near your dessert.

And here it was inside the gelato.

But funnily enough, it tasted weirdly good! The kind of bizarre combination that makes you take the first apprehensive spoonful and go well, okay, maybe I need to taste that again to get the flavour. And then after that mm okay, might as well eat another since I’ve come this far. And by the fifth or sixth spoonful all universal laws of normality have been shattered and you’re just eating away as if having dried pork bits in your ice cream is perfectly ordinary.

So, yeah, I liked ithappy


This is the lovely interior of the restaurant we didn’t actually get to sit in, because there wasn’t space for usnekoIt’s a pretty photogenic place with its high ceiling and abundance of windows and wood furniture and the odd tree, which made for a nice rustic atmosphere (that we admired from outside).

If you’re in Singapore and want to try it out, it’s called Supply & Demand and is located at Orchard Gateway in townkira



2 Responses to “Supply & Demand: Pasta and…BBQ Pork Gelato?”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu December 14, 2014 at 3:30 AM

    It’s nice to see you taking well deserved time out with a Friend enjoying yourself!

    I’ll be sure to check out ”Supply & Demand” sometime; looks tempting!

    I think from the CG2 East West line at Changi Airport via the North South line to NS23 should eventually get me there.

    As always take care and best regards!!

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