Brunch at The Tastemaker Store


The other day I had an rare free morning and I went for brunch at a cafe called The Tastemaker StoresmileI don’t get to go cafe hopping much (pretty much never actually) so this was a rare occasion of visiting a nice place to eat at while wandering around a faraway neighbourhood. And I really did take an hour’s journey to get to this place—it’s that out of the blue for me because my everyday life is just home→school→home (repeat).

The truth was I came with a duty in mind; I needed photos for a project and this was one of the stops. But a pretty cafe on a quiet weekday morning before class? Needless to say I wouldn’t go there just to take a picture and leave after two minutes. Since I was alone I brought a book to readgirlIf I’m by myself I always have to read while I eat because it’s my favourite way to relax.


I got a kaya toast set; it seems to be an English take on the traditional version because it uses English muffins and clotted cream instead. The toast was $3, which isn’t expensive especially since it was tasty and filled me upneko


Had a nice cuppa to round up the little muffin feast! I wish I could do this more often, but all the nice cafes are too far away from home. Though some of them might be worth the trek, like this one. The term break’s coming up so it’ll be a nice pocket of time for me to explore other dreamy cafes, even if I only ever venture out in the daytime. Time to time I need a break from being a homebody!



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