UK Trip: London (Part Two)


For part two of my London travels, I’m going to combine two days of photos for the sake of organisation. (Also it’s already been a month since I actually returned and at this rate I’d take forever to finish posting about my trip)


Starting the post off with a good breakfast, just like every day in the UK. Mmm. On this morning I thought I should change things up on my plate a little, so I tried a smattering of baked beans and a veggie sausage. And of course I couldn’t resist the mountain of pastries as usual, so I picked a croissant and some jam to go with it.

After breakfast we set off for our first stop of the day—the British Museumkirakira


But it rained.

No matter—the inside of the museum was extraordinarygirlThere were centuries of peculiar artefacts packed everywhere, many of them broken and tarnished but still beautiful. We also discovered that the British Museum is mostly made up of things that aren’t actually British.

British Museum

The museums here don’t have such exotic treasures from all over the world, so I loved seeing the crumbly Egyptian sculptures and everything else. I thought I saw the famous Cleopatra’s mummy, but later found out that it wasn’t the real queen but a girl named after her.

We did our best to explore the museum, but probably spent the most time around the Egyptian and Greek sections where there were lots of huge statues of ancient figures. I took pictures with them occasionally, though I look about as stiff as the statues themselves.


After spending the morning at the British Museum, we went to find lunch! Thanks to the rain it became chilly, so we went into a random cafe on a random street. It was a sandwich cafe, so in my head I was thinking about panini and ciabatta and all that fancy bread. But I got a bit confused with the overcrowded menu and ended up with egg mayo in ordinary sandwich bread…no wonder it barely cost two pounds.

Still, I love sandwiches all the samesmile

After that we went on to our next stop…


The BBC Broadcasting House!kira kira

We were specially brought here for the studio tour which most of us enjoyed quite a bit, being communications students and all.


The tour brought us around the studios—we watched the journalists working away in the huge newsroom and had a go at news reading and recording a radio play. There was lots of history in the building too, like the microphone used by the Queen.

Being right inside such a famous broadcasting house was coolsmileThe best part was seeing how everything worked behind the scenes of television news. The whole place was buzzing. I was seriously impressed—I think I’d be really stressed if I were a journalist at this snazzy, top-notch place. It probably doesn’t help when there’s a pack of students goggling at you from behind a glass wall while you work.

After the BBC tour we were done for the day! The teachers released us to do whatever we wanted for the rest of the night, so the large group dissolved pretty quickly. My friends and I headed to Oxford Street for a much-awaited shopping tripnekoWe hadn’t had the time to shop before this, and very much wanted to visit the legendary Primark. Which I enjoyed in the end, but privately thought a tad too messy.


Since most of the night was spent at the shops, we finished up with a small dinner at Pret A Manger. I wasn’t keen on another sandwich so I got this little pot of mushroom risotto, which was hot and creamy and just what I needed to end the day with. (I need someone to import the entire Pret chain here)


Breakfast the next day was deliciously classic with a slice of bread (plus nutella!), scrambled eggs, muesli with milk, and hot chocolate to warm me up before going out in the cold. It sounds like a lot in words but there was just a little portion of each—I like it when there’s lots of different bite-sized food to try.


I am always partial to this onegirl

My favourite part about granola and muesli is their texture, so I like to sneak in extra raisins and seeds for a crunchier, chewier taste (though sometimes with granola it becomes quite the jaw exercise).


We spent the morning at the Warner Bros Studio Tour! This is entirely about Harry Potter, because it’s the actual set where the films were made. Having never read or watched the series, I was probably the only person who was not a Harry Potter fan and didn’t buy anything from the gift shop:')But that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy myself—it was fun seeing the sets and special effects technology, plus I drank a cup of butterbeer.




I think we took around three hours to finish the whole tour. It’s a good thing we were used to speedy lunches by then; it was another grab-and-go so I only had enough time to eat a pain au chocolat. It tasted amazing, except I didn’t know how to pronounce pain au chocolat and ended up pointing at it while saying something vaguely French-sounding to the boy at the counter.


Basically it’s like a pillow-shaped croissant with chocolate chips, yum.


In the evening we headed to Covent Garden! This picture was randomly taken during the journey by the tube—we changed lines at Notting Hill Gate fairly often and I always thought of Hugh Grant and colourful houses.

I really liked the atmosphere at Covent Garden, but as usual we were in a hurry and didn’t get to explore it much.


Instead we had a quick dinner of burgers at Byroneat

I’m not a hamburger person so the size of the whole thing took me by surprise.


Our programme for the night was a West End musical! We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal. It was one of my favourite experiences from the entire trip, all because I love Roald Dahl and musicals so getting both of them together was a huge treat.

I really wanted to show how the theatre looked like, because it was just about the grandest place I’d ever been in. It’s a few centuries old and the oldest theatre in London that’s still around. I’d say you should Google it and see how gorgeous it is inside.


They were selling these Wonka chocolate bars at £3 each, which I mulled over till I caved and bought two. I kept one to bring home, and opened the other during the show and doled out the squares. It’s Millionaire’s shortbread—a right indulgence to nibble on while watching an incredible show. It was a wonderful smorgasbord of singing, dancing and lots of fun and colourful scenes.

That was one of the best nightshappy



4 Responses to “UK Trip: London (Part Two)”

  1. 1 Arielle Tan November 11, 2014 at 9:43 AM

    Lovely post! The food looks so incredibly good ❤ Your trip seems amazing!

  2. 3 fluffybunnydesu November 15, 2014 at 4:46 AM

    Thank you for sharing in your wonderful and truly fascinating England Adventures, it’s very gracious of you. An absolute delight to read. Take care!

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