Goodbye Internship, Hello Vacation

Happy weekend, everyone! It’s an extra happy one for me, solely because…

My internship is over! And no, six months did not fly by or pass in the blink of an eye. It crawled and stalled and felt longer than Sleeping Beauty’s 100-year coma. So I’m even happier now!

I never mentioned this explicitly, but I worked as an journalist at a newspaper. My job was to do interviews and write articles for print and act like I knew what I was doing in a huge newsroom full of adults.


To thank everyone in the office for tolerating me, I did lots of baking and decorating and eventually came up with cookie jars for the editors and pound cake for everyone else.

The pound cake had quite a saga—I got up before dawn to bake it on the day of but when I opened the tub there was an extremely suspicious patch of blue fuzz sitting on all that white yogurt. I ended up nipping out to the 24-hour supermarket to get a new tub, and by the time I came back it was all too rushed so I singed the top of my poor cake. It took me a while to do surgery on its burn wounds with the cake knife, but eventually it was bundled up and ready to go.

I was only going to give them to everyone towards the end of the day, which meant till then my nerves got whittled away right down to almost nothing. Because announcing your departure and last act of goodwill to everyone in a mass message is more unnerving than public speaking.


But eventually I deposited them on the table. And I think it did turn out decently in the endnekoI got several messages of thanks back, and some of the staff came to my desk for a very quick chat which was incredibly nice of them even though I’d really just wanted to remain invisible and sidle out.

Still, I guess you can’t really leave after six whole months without being at least a little celebratory about it.


I wrote myself a letter on the morning of my first day of work to open when it was all over. Right before I headed out to the office for the first time, I wrote about the all the worries I had (and jealousy that future me was already done). It’s such a sappy thing to do, but at least I got a present on the last day of workkira kira(even though it’s from myself)

Looking back…I can’t even look back, April was too long ago.


On my first Saturday of freedom I went to the beach with my mom and dad! My brother was out for the day, so we decided to just take a drive out on a whim. It was really random; I think it’s actually the first time I’ve gone to the beach with my mom and dad. But it’s okay. It only took 19 years!

We had lunch at the old food stalls and took a bike ride along the coast. It was the most carefree day I’d had in monthsgirl




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