Weekday Munchies

Happy (end of) Sunday!

It’s been a while, but here’s my food diary from the past week (or several…my phone is so stuffed with these pictures I lose track of them all the time). Evidently, I’m frequently surrounded by all sorts of yummy munchies that manage to lift my mood most of the time.

Photo 2-9-14 6 35 45 pmPhoto 3-9-14 1 12 26 pm

Photo 7-9-14 2 26 55 pmPhoto 9-9-14 1 28 08 pm

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetPhoto 12-9-14 12 22 38 pm

Cronuts, a pink swiss roll, cheesy pizza, waffles and ice cream, bircher muesli and rainbow cake! I curate only the prettiest of foods. So the pizza might be an odd one out among all those sweets, but it’s heart-shaped! Which more than makes up for its savoury existence.

Today’s a small diary post because I needed a break from wordstiredOr just a break. Recently I’ve been getting a bit quieter on social media because I’m so tired, but hopefully it’ll (or rather I will) perk up again soon.

Also, I really wanted to watch The Maze Runner! I didn’t have time this weekend, so it’ll have to wait for a while…meanwhile, the gazillions of good reviews and TV spots are making me more impatient. I think I’ll just read the books again until I can see it on the big screen.

Have a good weeksmile


4 Responses to “Weekday Munchies”

  1. 1 fluffybunnydesu September 15, 2014 at 1:43 AM

    ‘Here’s my food diary’ ~ Good Heavens, give me strength! It’s the opening of Pandora’s patisserie box ~ ‘or several’ ~ Deary me.

    ‘I’m so tired’ ~ No wonder eating such a plethora of paradise !

    ‘but hopefully // perk up again soon.’ ~ I’m sure you will upon your next moment of indulgence !

    Wonderful, colourful, vibrant assortment of desirable delights; perfect~pick-me-up for your busy and demanding weeks !

    Thank you for your Blessing and time taken to Share this update! Have a Good Week too ! Take care ~

  2. 2 fluffybunnydesu September 15, 2014 at 2:35 AM

    I should add; Congratulations regarding 3 years of your Blog success ! Perhaps sometime you would allow me to return the kindness of so many inspiring and enjoyable updates ~ Thank you indeed.

  3. 3 September 18, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    everything looks so cute and delicious! (●♡∀♡) it almost makes you not want to eat them,haha~

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