Vanilla Pound Cake


This Sunday’s post is another baking diary. I think I’m finally living up to my blog title, except that I haven’t actually made an apple cake yet (nor do I see it coming in the near future). But I’m halfway there!


This weekend I made a vanilla pound cake! It’s pretty simple stuff so there’s less room for me to mess up. Everything just goes into a bowl for me to mix and then off to the oven it goes. The hardest part is making sure it doesn’t get burned in my unpredictable, fiery inferno of an oven.

But this time it baked without incident tooheart


Pound cake is probably my favourite kind of cake because it’s so simple and neat. The buttery taste is rich without being cloying, and the shape is really compact—I feel like I could pick it up and toss it around the room (not that I would do that, obviously, but that’s just an illustration). Slicing up pound cakes is immensely gratifyinggirl

Like the muffins, this is far from being the best pound cake around (not moist enough, a little too crumbly, and whatever else my untrained palate doesn’t tell me). But in less than a day almost the whole loaf was gone so its existence was wiped out from the cake-osphere fairly quickly. Thanks friends and familylove


1 Response to “Vanilla Pound Cake”

  1. 1 Paul September 8, 2014 at 1:06 AM

    Gone from the cake-osphere ~ ‘The proof of the pudding was in the eating’ !!

    It’s lovely to see you enjoying and appreciating that which rewards you the most fun in Life; shared with the most important People in Life. The best recipe.

    Very wholesome and delicious update; Thank you.

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