Weekly Slice


My laptop is finally back and in good health (I hope). It returned just before the end of the weekend, which means I got to loll around watching videos for a bit before getting up to prepare for work again tomorrow.

Six more weeks to the end of internship! Sometimes it still feels agonisingly long…but when I rejig my perspective I realise that I started with six months, and now it’s down to six weeks. Almost there!

Anyway since my laptop’s been out for the count all week, I still haven’t been able to do any outfit pictures. Here’re a few quick shots of other random food and things instead.

Photo 17-8-14 8 12 50 am

I’ve been very trigger-happy with my polaroid camera since getting it in June. The most fun part about it is decorating—I’ve got rolls of masking tape and markers and stickers reserved just for my instant printshappyFor a while I’d thought about getting those polaroid films with cartoon prints, but they’re more expensive and I enjoy the plain white frames much more because I get to be creative with them. (Although I might still cave and get a pack of Rilakkuma film as a one-off someday)

And then some pictures of foodgirl tongue

Photo 11-8-14 7 30 24 pm

Pumpkin soup from when I had dinner with Ju Eun last weekheartI love the Soup Spoon because their menu is so neat—yummy soup, a yummy roll, and whatever else takes your fancy. Pumpkin’s always my favourite; it’s so homey. Like snuggling under your blanket on a cold day.

This time I got a babycino to drink too, since I’d never tried it before and was curious. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I thought it’d be the right fit for me. It just ended up being really frothy milk that gave me a foam moustache (but I liked the marshmallows).

Photo 17-8-14 4 57 55 pm

During a cafe day with my mom we shared this little square of raw orange cheesecake! It was like…summertime exploding in my mouth, or something (being liberal with metaphors here). Another neat, compact dessert that fills you up with sweetness in chunks. I adore it.

Photo 9-8-14 9 48 14 pm

This was a chai latte I tried last SaturdaynekoIt tasted mostly of tea and milk, so I didn’t mind the latte part much. Recently I’ve just been wanting to drink something warm and toasty, so I was in the mood for  a bit of experimentation. I still can’t take coffee, but this seems like a baby step.


Time to get ready for another week. Have a good one!


4 Responses to “Weekly Slice”

  1. 1 Paul August 18, 2014 at 2:08 AM

    6 months duration; Crikey! 6 weeks remaining; Crikey! Time flies when you’re Interning!

    Quite the charm Polaroid Prints; They make for very playful and creative use of imagination.

    Delightful collage!

    I’m in agreement; Plain Frames become Unique Frames with personal touches; very endearing for all occasions, gift ideas and expressing sentiments! Wonderful fun!

    ‘Say Cheese’ for Orange Cheesecake! Perfectly neat; compliments a Bento.

    Pumpkin soup indeed looks deliciously inviting and very wholesome.

    The concept of ‘babycinos’ seemingly coins ‘Baby steps’; If only all Life’s curiosities could be this manageable to begin with!

    Thank you for sharing another enchanting Weekly Slice. Happy snapping and take care!!

  2. 3 hankuklassie August 18, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    I look forward to our next date ❤

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