Panda Cookies and Long Weeks

Happy Saturday!

I’m sorry today is going to be a short post, but I’m feeling a bit heavy (not literally) and my inspiration has lost some of its sheen. To put it another way, the long week has gotten me somewhat down in the dumps. If I go on about it here this blog will become a little too blue, so here’s a picture of some panda cookies that my brother gave me as a souvenir from his trip to Hong Kong.


They’re adorablepandaMy brother got these treats especially for me because he knew I’d like anything with a face. And of course they were tasty! Though we didn’t find out till quite a while later because I wanted a picture of the full set and wouldn’t let anyone eat one until I had time to take photos (sorry). They taste a bit like shortbread, which I love because it’s so buttery and gentle in texture. And it’s pandas.

Anyway as implied, my brother just came back from his short getaway in Hong Kong. He actually went alone (maybe to do some soul-searching before his university begins), and it seemed like a lot of fun just travelling and enjoying things as they come.

I hope I can do that one day toogirl(no prizes for guessing where I’d probably go first)

I read online about the Trans-Siberian Railway which takes passengers from China to Russia by train, and I think it’s massively cool because I love long train rides (even if this one’s a bit extreme) and I really want to travel to Europe. It’s not a very realistic desire, but it’s fun to think about!



1 Response to “Panda Cookies and Long Weeks”

  1. 1 Paul July 12, 2014 at 7:32 PM

    I always look forward to the best slice, saved for the end of the week! Delicious! Thank you for sharing. I think a vacation is in order, don’t you? Realistically, you’re overdoing it! Stop thinking about fun and start doing it!

    PS: Stop nibbling on those poor pandas. It’s cruel.

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