Paper Doll

Happy Saturday!

That should be a regular way of greeting instead of just hello. Because I take special occasions seriously, and everyone knows a decent week is worth celebrating when it’s over. My conscience is clear for the weekend!

Clean Lines of Summer

This coordinate’s all about clean fun. Rather than a beach style it’s more like a modest resort style; the blue and white colour scheme keeps it fresh but with brown sandals for a  casual dash of rusticity. The off-shoulder shirt is a favourite because I love sheer tops like that; it’s plain and pure but with the shoulders cut out for an easygoing kick.

Of course this was a weekend outfit from last Saturday. I can hardly imagine dressing for the pool to workhurhur

Knitted Blackberry

As usual I start Mondays off simplegirlA dark base with a solid black platforms and a black skirt for texture, and then it becomes light and soft on top. Sort of a juxtaposition of moods. On the whole it’s a docile set up for a new work week, but close up there’re little details like the kitty face on my shoes and the gritty pattern on the skirt. They’re the small things that add character, but get away with it on first glance.

The Honesty of Flowers

By Tuesday I’m ready for a crispier mode style. I wanted to have a sharper, more streetwise coordinate that day, but with a flower print dress for a tiny dose of A-line cutenessnekoSometimes black and white pop out in a way colours can’t.

Sugarcoated Denim

And then a sharp turn back to colour! This pink skirt from Dip Drops is fast rising up the skirt hierarchy in my wardrobe. I wish I could wear it all the time but it’s too bright and conspicuous to get away with repeating it. But my favourite piece here is probably the border top inside. White tops with thin dark border lines are some of the most adorable clotheslove girlAt the same time since the horizontal stripes make such a broad statement by themselves, I like to tuck it under a jacket for a visual balance of horizontal and vertical.

Some sort of aesthetic science I make up for my own coordinates, I don’t knowneko

Comfort Pink

My go-to hoodie for convenient comfort, and a monochrome colour scheme underneath for effort. There’s the outer juxtaposition of pastel pop colour and the black & white pieces, and it also goes on below with the black and white contrast too. It all comes together in neat layers that make up a structured outfit, softened by the pink hoodiealpaca


Recently it’s all been outfit posts because I really don’t do anything apart from going to work. But this weekend I’ll make an effort to get some new material (i.e. food) so I can break up the monotony.

Thanks for readinglove


2 Responses to “Paper Doll”

  1. 1 Shiori June 3, 2014 at 1:42 AM

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂

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