Styling at rosebullet edit


It’s the weekend and I feel completely liberated. Life in the past one week was practically murderous, and I need this two-day pit stop before I get up and go at it again.

But to speak of happier events—


Last Saturday I dropped by the new rosebullet edit store and they were having an opening party! The store doesn’t just have rosebullet but also Dip Drops, LDS and other favourite brands. Basically it’s my Japanese fashion paradise condensed into a store right in my country. At the opening party they had this styling contest going on where you could dress up popular guest bloggers at the eventkirakiraI took part in this for fun because you know how I love me some Dip Drops.

I was able to coordinate an outfit for fashion blogger Yukie from Tokyo Mode Addict! And that’s sensational in my little world because I’ve read her blog for over a year and it was exciting getting up close with her on Japanese fashion.

I’m really glad I got to talk to her and style her on top of thatlove rabbit


I raided the store and came up with a 100% Dip Drops outfit for herlove girlThe knit cardigan, top, shorts, shoes, bag and beret are all Dip Drops. The point item is the striped top—the sole pattern of the outfit takes centre stage. It was inspired by the marine style that’s been popular in Japan lately! (And also I was wearing stripes too I’m sorry this is the only way I can get people to wear matching clothes with me)

So the nautical piece was the main point. For the mood of the coordinate I mixed it up between girly and mode. The black shorts rounded up the clean black and white stripes, and the light pink knit softened it up. I thought the beret gave some cute character, and the black cutout shoes added an edgy…edge. I don’t know. It just looked nice to mehurhur

Okay, if you skip everything I just wrote, it’s essentially the kind of style that I love—a neatly shuffled combination of sweet and sharp.

Rosebullet Outfit

This was my coordinate that day! Marine stylenekoThe jacket was kind of outstanding by itself (I guess it’s meant to be fashionably big that way) so I kept the rest of it simple with a monotone colour scheme.


Ahhh. Words. So many of them. But I’m done now!

Thank you for reading, please take a breakrabbit wave

1 Response to “Styling at rosebullet edit”

  1. 1 Paul May 24, 2014 at 5:34 AM

    Very insightful and endearing read. Always a delight. I’ve emailed you a long reply (again).

    Best regards. FluffyBunny

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