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It’s Friday again. I thought of sleeping away the weekend, but then I had second thoughts. I’m going to sleep and eat away the weekend. And, I don’t know, maybe do something useful in between if there’s time to spare for that.

Chocolate Cake

Last week we had a sweetheart of a strawberry shortcake with all its demure white came. This time it’s a chocolate shocker that arrived in all its gooey goodness. Just look at how rich it all is. The chocolate game is strong with this one. I felt the guilt before I even picked up a forkhmmBut even though I ate less than slice, I loved it. Even now it still looks delicious in pixel form.

By the way, these cakes came complimentary for my parents who had their birthdays in the last monthkirakiraMy family never buys cakes, but sometimes they come as a gift. So of course we eat them then.

Anyway! These were my coordinates for the week!


An appropriately sombre colour scheme to match the Monday moodlaughNot really, I just wanted to ease into the week with a simple look—you feel what you wear, so toning down on all the colours helped me to take it easy. And of course there’re my trusty black shoes, which I needn’t say more about.

Tuesday was an Outfit Repeater Day, so skipcooking


You can’t really see it—okay, not at all—but the tank top I’m wearing has baby pink and white stripes. It made a nice candy-coloured combination with the jacket, but if I wore another pastel item below the whole thing would be too sickly a serving. The black skirt served as a crunchy base (like an ice cream cone supporting all that sugar overload) and the rough pattern gave some texture to the coordinate since the pink stripes were barely perceptible anyway.


By Thursday the days were already starting to drag on. I needed something comfortable to cocoon myself in, so out with the red cardigan! The red’s kind of striking enough on its own, so I always go with something easier on the eyes below. Black and white’s the quintessential marriage of simplicitykira kiraAlthough the top was more grey than black.


Friday at last! At this point I am already completely, thoroughly, ripe-ready for a weekend of downtime, so on with the pillow-soft hoodie and easy one-piece dress. I adore this dress from Dip Dropsgirl (I adore anything from Dip Drops but this is a necessary special mention)It’s a pullover with no zips or hooks whatsoever so it’s basically one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear. Perfect for winding down the end of the weeksmile

And that’s a wrap!



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  1. 1 buskattungen May 10, 2014 at 2:48 PM

    Thanks for liking! :3
    Such a cute blog you have!! And i really love your outfits-photos.

    Take care!!

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