At least I’ll always have cake.


(Warning: Words. Lots of senseless ones.)
(My excuse: It’s been a long day)

May has arrived! It feels like a speeding train that I was unceremoniously tossed into, and then left in an awkward daze. That sums up the state of my mind for the past three weekshmm

Change is inescapable, change is adverse, change is suddenly having the need to stock up on the energy bar supply in my drawer at work for those (frequently occurring) days when time for lunch disappears faster than the last piece of cake at the table. This new life of mine will only last six months, but six months is also a long enough time for me to do more than just fidget in my place. There seems to be an infinity of new people and new work and new lunch cravings (I never even knew I liked veggie steamed buns).

Then again I’m a student intern, I’m 18, what do I know about life? (not very much)


Today I had my last Japanese lesson. Technically, it’s not my last—I’m still moving on to the next level—but I won’t have the same teacher or the same classmates again. It’s one thing to miss them, and also another to lose one of the few things that were constantly around every week among all the changes that I’ve had. During the week I’m in an unfamiliar place meeting unfamiliar people; going to class every Saturday and seeing the same people felt oddly like home.

As it is, good things come to an end—all the cliches say sonekoAnd I think the inevitable end of something is necessary to appreciate the goodness of what it gave even more. For 10 months I went to class every Saturday and sat in the same place and went through the same motions, and that wave of familiarity that I relied on so much has receded into nostalgia. (There is no more purpose to Saturdays! None!)

But everything is new at some point and old at another. This class of mine has ended its run; I couldn’t have thought about this moment when I began almost a year ago. And so—maybe that’s how it’ll be for these 6 months of work? It’s nice to think that when it’s all over I’ll be leaving with feelings of attachment for the job I had. With that end point in mind, the burden of change and unfamiliarity doesn’t feel so heavy after all.


…I’m sorry I rambledneko

If the word avalanche is too much, just look at the pictures of cake. Even though it’s essentially irrelevant to everything I said, it’s a work of art and therefore has a rightful place in this post. This is a birthday cake, by the waylove girlBut it’s not mine; my birthday’s next month.

On a Monday.

When I’m at work.

Positiveness plays hard to get with me sometimes.



1 Response to “At least I’ll always have cake.”

  1. 1 Paul May 4, 2014 at 6:32 AM

    Hello キキ ちゃん ! (´^∇^`)∩’ Konichiwa!

    ☆The Secret World of Marvellous Miu☆ (∩´^o^`∩) Wow!!

    Missed you so much; Not spoken for so long; 24hrs seems an eternity ~
    みみみう!☆(゚(゜(o^∀^)♡ ☆(~(゜(o´^^)o Yikes!
    There’s been an awful lot of challenges and changes to your Life over the last couple of weeks; some of which you’ve reflected on in previous Blog Entries.

    Although times may seem unsettling and far from ‘normal’; the Blog sentiments have returned to *normal and in time the unfamiliarity of new experiences will feel normal. (So the train is on the right track!) [See Email]

    *One of the very reasons I enjoy reading your ‘Slice of Life’, is the honest and insightful feelings you share about yourself; It conveys a passionate and deeper understanding, which allows me to become a better friend when offering encouragement and support.

    You’re too ambitious to allow voids and negativity to enter into your Life ~ Saturdays will soon become equally fulfilled with Japanese related culture and motivations.

    In time you’ll adjust and learn to pace yourself with Work commitments and overtime; you won’t feel so exhausted.

    Helpful things like, pre-preparing a packed lunch; delegating responsibilities; using intuition; making a diary of tasks; going out for a change of scenery at lunch time; fresh air; break the day up to feel revitalised.

    I hope you’ve managed to make some new friends at Work too and are feeling more settled.

    Of course this Blog wouldn’t be normal without your love of Food; ( Mesmerised by food ~ ) ~
    Yup! You look about normal to me in that photo.
    Thank you for updating your Coode Diary ~ Very very pretty ‘mix and match’ for Work again this week.

    Always of refreshing and youthful appearance ~ Natural Goddess radiating Beauty ~ I need stronger sunglasses.
    ( With modesty; in occasional need yourself ~ )

    Have you done something with your Hair recently? (*∩^∀^∩)₎₎⁾hehe
    “Woah, feels so soft” (#^o^)∩~(^ᴗ^∩) ☆shimmering☆

    Lots of innocence, sensitivity, and preciousness temperament postures in this weeks modelling Coode.

    Understandably; I was sensing frailty; Know you can lean on me for support ‘Delicate Chan’.

    Allow me to ease the tensions from your body ~ Please give me your hardships! You should never feel burdened; only endeared with ♡Kindness and Support♡.
    Very insightful read, lovely photos of delicious cakes too!

    Thank you for taking the time to update ~ Greatly appreciated. (∩^ᴗ^∩)

    Feel as though I’ve just enjoyed the best slice of AppleCake in a while ~ There’s something unique about this AppleCake, always sense a strong desire for more.

    Things will fall into place soon, you’ll feel more and more settled.

    Title: “At least I’ll always have cake.” AND “People around you who care”.

    Thinking of you always, in good fortune, Hard Working Miu~Chan!

    Guardian Angel Chan ~ Praying of your Welfare every day.
    ふわふわ ウサギ ちゃん
    PS: Hope the GMails were helpful. [Another Today]

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