March Outfits ☆


Today’s post is a small round-up of a few of my coordinates from this month! There isn’t actually a lot because I spent a lot of time at home, which means just T-shirts and shorts and occasionally staying in my pyjamas.

Photo 19-3-14 6 22 33 pm

The combination of a jacket and skirt is simple, so I like using it as a template and just changing it up with different pieces each time. I wore my prized denim blouson from Lowrys Farm. It was 70% off when I got it! Hooray for end-of-season sales. And then there’s my black skirt from Taobao. This one’s easy to mix with anythinggirlFlare skirts are my favourite because they’re cute the way they stick out.

Photo 4-4-14 3 49 28 pm

This was from when I filmed my last dance cover (here!). For once I decided to have a change from my black shoes, but I wore the same skirt. In Japanese magazines they always use the term kimawashi (着まわし), which is when you keep one piece of clothing while changing up the rest of the outfit. For someone like me it’s probably just a nicer term for outfit repeater.

Photo 25-3-14 7 09 10 pm

This time the kimawashi point is the cardigan (it’s become like a game of clothes tag). I was in the mood for knee-high socks that day—so on they wentkiss girlI don’t often wear them because it’s so hot out and kind of mad to wear them around in oven-grade weather. But knee-high socks are great way to dress up a bit more without being tacky.

Photo 3-4-14 7 35 03 pm

And back in the blouson! This time it went with a dress, which is full of flowers and also from Lowrys Farm. A clean, monotone print for springhappyIt’s been a long time since I wore a dress out. Once in a while I attempt to make more girly choices (Skirts and dresses are different. They’re different).

Photo 4-4-14 2 14 35 pm

But the best is still this one, I think. My cat sweater!

Photo 4-4-14 1 24 52 pm

Cutest sweater I’ve ever owned. It’s so warm and cuddly, like a real cathappy nekoI fell in love the moment I saw it. Because there really isn’t anything more adorable than a kitty wrapped around your shoulders, even if it’s made of wool. Especially if it’s made of wool? Of course I love real cats, but you can’t wear them out to the shopping centre. This is the next best thing.


Those were what I wore out during my vacation month! During school time I wore shorts almost everyday, so I’ve been trying to wear more skirts to change things up a bit.

I know a lot of of my coordinates look like they shouldn’t be worn out in the kind of weather we have here (i.e. summer). But there’s also air-conditioningnekoJackets and knits are still my best friends. On the other hand though, I can’t wait for sweater weather to return.


2 Responses to “March Outfits ☆”

  1. 1 Paul April 4, 2014 at 10:46 PM

    Hello Miu ! I hope you’re keeping well.

    Thank you for sharing your insightful Outfits post ~ All of which wonderfully suit your Genteel demure.

    The cardigan and knee~high socks Code, your Flower dress with belt and the Cat sweater; I really, really like! I wondered if the black shoes with the strap were new; not seen them before. They’re very elegant and classy.

    The Flare skirt is super cute and complimented your latest dance video. Which is awesome by the way!!! Thank you for sharing your warm hearted gift of happiness.

    “Outfit repeater” seems a bit harsh ~ Creative and resourceful use of wardrobe; surely!

    The quantity or repetition of clothing isn’t important; rather a Lady’s refined Choice and Style that illuminates her Personality.

    You’ve had an eventful past month!

    From New Dance music videos, Fashion coordinates, Home baking, to Dining out; and meeting Hollywood celebrities!

    The Colourful Lifestyle of the multi-talented, měi nǚ Miu!

    PS: You missed out the Pyjamas Coordinates! (*∩^∀^∩)₎₎⁾

    Anticipate your next post. As always, take care of yourself.

    • 2 Miu April 11, 2014 at 3:22 PM

      Thank you for your long comment again!
      I have fun putting together different clothes!
      March was certainly exciting 。゚(゚^ω^゚)゚。

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