Meeting Spider-Man


The cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are in my country as I type. I never would’ve thought it possible that they’d come all the way here, and I still didn’t until yesterday. When I saw them in personhehe

(This is the first and one of the rare times I get so excited about a Hollywood actor on my blog)

I had access passes, so I was able to go for the red carpet event and press conference. It was extremely crowded, especially because it was inside a shopping mall, but I still had a decent vantage point. Close enough to stare at Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, anywayhurhur


There were so many people and so much waiting that after a while I sort of lost track of time. The whole event was just a blur of screaming, cameras and expensive designer suits (I think the cast wore those).


Red carpet event at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

It was surreal seeing the cast in front of me, especially Andrew Garfield. I’d liked him a lot since I watched The Social Network, and it never really occurred to me that he was actually real because I was so used to seeing him in his gloriously attractive pixel form. And it turns out people like that are about a thousand times more charming in real life, so I was blown away.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone is another case of such people. She was so gorgeous it’s insanelove rabbitAnd she floored the questions at the press conference too.

Journalist: In biochemistry, what is an activated complex?


Can’t handle the sass.

I love Emma’s razor-sharp knack at delivering comebacks—she still thinks of a good way to answer ridiculous questions, but even the lines she gives while deliberating are funny. Her expressions are gold.


Jamie Foxx and Marc Webb

And of course, I wasn’t just there to ogle at Andrew and Emma. Jamie Foxx and a few of the filmmakers were there too, and they fed a lot of interesting answers to the press. I loved hearing the director Marc Webb and what he had to say about making the film toogoodStill, I was sitting in the middle of the theatre right with Andrew Garfield right in my line of vision so that meant I was looking at him most of the time.


I actually got a really good seat! Initially we were sitting at the back where I had a better view of the other end of the country than the cast, but a staff member came and said we could move to better seats. So down we went to circle around the theatre—we walked by the front row and there were empty seats so for a moment I wondered if we could sit there, though I decided it was probably already reserved.

It turned out those seats were for the cast when they came in. So it was a good thing I didn’t try to sit there. Or a bad thing, I don’t know. I could’ve either been sitting on Andrew Garfield’s lap or kicked out of the theatre.

The press conference ended late at about 10pm; I was exhausted. But! It was a great experience being at such a huge media event, and seeing the actors I admire so much in person on stage. No selfie with Andrew Garfield thoughcryI got a complimentary blu ray of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, if that’s any consolation at all.

Photo 28-3-14 9 39 36 am

Oh, a Spider-Man mask tooneko(It’s okay if it’s unsigned. Really.)


There were hours of waiting and no break before the press conference, so we had a bit of a sushi picnic outside the red carpet for dinner. Fancykira kira

It was tiring, but I had a lot of fun! It’s not everyday a Hollywood actor comes here, much less the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man. I loved seeing them, and getting an insight into how these events workgirlUsually it’s the Japanese celebrities that I always go to meet, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are totally different. And I’m glad I finally got to see them!

But the inevitable aftermath—I have an endless pile of photos to sort through now.

Well thengirl



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  1. 1 Daco April 5, 2014 at 2:17 AM

    That’s amazing! Aah I want to meet them in person too… you’re so lucky!

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